How was the opera ?

How was the opera ?

Opera - sublime and beautiful art, you know, unfortunately, not everyone.Where it is and when there was an opera?As dramatic and theatrical genre of opera first appeared in Italy, and it is quite surprising, because the Italians have always been famous voices of amazing power and beauty.Opera was born in the Renaissance - a time when all the arts flourished.

Giovanni Bardi and his love for art

Giovanni Bardi - Italian composer, writer and patron of the arts - I love all kinds of art and is often collected at his home creative people and thinkers - musicians, poets, philosophers ... His meeting in history came under the title "Florentine Camerata ", the word" Camerata "is translated from Italian as" parlor room ".

Polyphonic piling

One of the main topics was the Camerata Music, while in fashion was the so-called polyphonic conglomeration, when more than 20 voices can be played simultaneously, and understand what is executed, simply was not possible.Most representatives expressed dissatisfactio

n Bardi salon this style.Polyphonic piling up, they thought, destroys poetry.

"Divine Comedy"

Not wanting to sit back, reveling in resentment, Bardi and his associates created a "talking music."One member of the Camerata - Vincenzo Galilei - put an excerpt of "The Divine Comedy" to the music, and her performance was the first step in the birth of opera such as we know it.

first opera

After the "Divine Comedy" Camerata decided to create a full-fledged drama set to music."Euridice" by Jacopo Peri was the first of such a drama, which received an incredible success.This success was enough to the genre began to spread.In 1607 the first version of the famous opera "Orfeo" by Claudio Monteverdi, and 30 years later - in 1637, the first opera house opened in Venice.

Distribution genre

In the XVII century opera successfully won the European countries and in Russia, this genre became popular in the XIX century.Many of the great composers of his considerable genius spent on the creation of operas, including Gluck, Mozart, Wagner, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glinka and many others.

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