How to make good?

How to make good?

modern world is so rapidly growing, every day runs faster than the previous one, and in this race a person does not have time to look back and see what good he has done in his life.Many years later, many complain that the time to do the most simple things - to spend more time with loved ones, children, help someone in a time of need - to do good.Answers to questions, what is good, there are different, but they all agree that good - the highest value of mankind.

Kind words

Sometimes it is very important to hear from their relatives or friends to the gentle, kind word.Compliments, words of praise or gratitude should sound natural, "time" and "to the point".


Thankyou never superfluous.It is important to thank the person, even for the most minor assistance or a perfect act.

  • I am so grateful to (a) to you for what you did.
  • Thank you very much, I appreciate you / care / support.

Compliments Compliments should be distinguished from irrelevant flattery, which does not apply to acts of k

indness.Artificial flattery never replace a compliment, made from the heart.

  • How wonderful you look today!
  • You're so beautiful / handsome!


Like compliments, words of praise must sound natural.Words of praise, oriented to receive benefits, no good and kind in nature are not.

  • You're so well done / good girl!
  • I'm proud of you!


Not only words can give good, but also deeds.Welcome - this is a close free aid, which is expressed in different ways:

Domestic help

Whatever may seem familiar household chores, help with routine work always deserves attention and gratitude.Make good simply:

  • take out the trash
  • wash dishes
  • do the final cleaning

to care for a child

to care for a child, especially for newborns, never superfluous.But not only the kids need attention, children of all ages will appreciate the interesting spent time with them.

  • sit with the baby
  • help students with homework
  • reduce children to the water park

moral assistance

Someone other than household help, or kind words, you need moral support.To talk with the person on the souls, to give him time and support in difficult times is to do good.

  • I'm with you, you will do it.
  • I'm always on your side.

Besides friends and family the good can be done with regard to strangers.Help can assist people who require it in different situations:

  • help bring heavy bags to the car
  • bring stranger
  • supporting road


donations to the fund social assistance, rehabilitation centers or children's homes not onlywill be a good deed, but also can save someone's life.Charity - is one of the important aspects of not only individual lives, but also the whole society, a guarantee of its successful development and prosperity.

Boomerang good

To understand what is good is good enough to remember that good always comes back to the person who made it, like a boomerang, possibly in another form and not immediately.So the world, welcome back, at the same time closing the circle and giving a new reason for a good deed.