To put the candles ?

To put the candles ?

tradition to put a candle in the church - an old ritual, by which people treated their requests and prayers to God.The Bible says that the Lord gave Moses the commandment about the installation of seven lamps.During the persecution of Christians held prayers to God by candlelight, although now there is no need, God's light - part of the ritual.Sama candle symbolizes the purity of human thoughts, his renunciation of the poor, the renunciation of sin, consent to submission to the will of God.According to belief, a person living in sin and love of God, be in the twilight, candle - it is light, dispersing the darkness.

In the temple, the people who rarely come to pray there is a question about who put a candle in church.Many icons around may cause some confusion and confusion, because everything must be done correctly.Buying a candle, a person should not in a tradition to put it to God, but only at the behest of his own heart, with an open mind.It's kind of an offering, speaking about love and sincere

faith in God.Previously, children were taught to love God, almost from the cradle, grandmother drove his grandchildren to serve in the church, planted spirituality and obedience.Over time, due to political changes, going to church seemed almost a crime in our country.Revival of traditions occurs gradually, and now there are many Sunday schools, where children develop spiritually.Therefore, how to behave in church, put candles, do not know everything.

Where to put a candle in the church?

icons How to put candles, if you need to refer to any specific request?For example, if a loved one has problems with the excessive use of alcohol or drugs, you should contact the icon "The Inexhaustible Cup".If the request relates to the well-being and best wishes, what a man, then it is possible to apply to the icon of the Savior or Virgin.However, apart from this, we can always pray to their patron, and ask for help from him.If a person feels unwell, then who put a candle for health, and to whom to pray in such a case?Help is here icon "Healer" with the face of the Mother of God.If you have an operation, you can put a candle near the face of Panteleimon, or physicians disinterested Cosmas and Damian.For the peace of the candles are put on a special place, a table called Eve, we should remember about the man to honor his memory.As for the dead, but not baptized people, the candles for them to put in the Temple of need, but to submit a note with the names should not be

How to light candles?

lit candles properly, you need to have installed by candles.Do not use matches or lighters.They are used only if the candles before the icon is still there.Number of candles set - voluntarily.However, according to tradition, the first candle should be placed near the main altar, the second about the relics of the Holy One, if any, and the third has for the health of the person for whom the prayer.Fire candle is always facing up, which symbolizes the way to God, as if a candle or tilted, the fire tends upward.So a person must strive, in spite of all the troubles and difficulties.Candles have the force and its value only if the people in awe to whom it poses.To put a candle in the church, a special significance, in fact, does not, the main thing is the thought with which a man lights a divine fire and turns to God.Candles in the Church of buying on the spot, to bring from other places is not accepted.