How to bury people?

How to bury people?

All religions and cultures have traditions and rituals, which take their roots from ancient times.This also applies to such a sad moment in one's life as a funeral.burial procedure of our ancestors has been difficult and time-consuming ritual funeral today more formalized, but some things remain unshakable.Of course, man's funeral is inherently linked with religion, professed the deceased.Consider how people are buried in a particular faith.

funeral in paganism

Today paganism almost did not survive.At the same time, the tradition of this religion influenced the formation of all the major faiths around the world.This applies, of course, and the funeral rites.

Early pagans tied after the death of the deceased obmochennymi ropes or rods.It was believed that a person should lie down in a fetal position, as after his death, he finds a new life.This tradition persisted for several centuries.On her replaced by a cremation.The burning of the deceased was to our ancestors a very important ritual, it was

thought that the fire purifies the human soul after death.The same applies to the tradition to let the body in the water.Next to the dead man put the money to him in the afterlife was to live on, sometimes left battered dishes.However, historians are still arguing about the purpose of this custom.The corpse after cremation dispel prevalent in the wind, or stored in a special urn.

After burning carried mournful meal.They were not made to have fun.Our ancestors believed that the deceased feasting together with all the day.This tradition has survived to the present day.Today the dead and poured liquor, which is covered with a piece of bread.

How buried in Orthodoxy

sadness and crying over the death of much older person is not accepted in Orthodoxy.It is believed that he lived a long and glorious life and death gave life to someone else.Bury, usually on the third day, and until the day of the funeral in the church hymn books - Prayers.

body of deceased loved ones are washed with warm water, at the same time reading the prayer.After washing the deceased is dressed in clean, preferably new clothes.This also applies to footwear.At the end I put on crucifix.Then begins the preparation of the coffin.Inside and outside sprinkled the coffin with holy water.Only then put the dead man in a coffin, and his head should be put on the pillow.In the body of the deceased in a coffin impose special cover, on which the images of saints and prayer inscriptions depicted.On the crown of the head lay, which is the hope of the rapture of the deceased.The coffin was put in the middle of the room, be sure to head to the icons.

coffin was carried out of the house kicking forward.In Orthodoxy, the coffin was laid bear the closest relatives.The priest goes to the coffin.In people, there's a lot of superstition, devoted to how to bury the man.One of them says that the relatives do not have to make a coffin.

Bury in Orthodoxy by burial in the ground.Over accepted to give up's grave.Install it always at the feet of the deceased, preferably face to the west.Since the deceased person will be directed to the cross.For information on how to behave at the funeral, you can read here.

How bury

At the burial of Muslims Muslims withdrawn much attention to bathing.As a rule, the body is washed three times.The first time water cedar powder, in the second - camphor, a third time - pure water.It is believed that when the washing is by no means impossible to see the sex organs of the deceased, so they are always closed cloth.

bury a person prohibited clothing.The deceased wrap in a special shroud, in some cases, put clothes on, to know the sex of the deceased.Muslims bury people on special stretchers with a sliding lid, coffins are forbidden.

Funeral in Islam are conducted as quickly as possible.Most decided to bury in the day of his death, at least following.The deceased on a stretcher carried to the cemetery.Before that, he put on the hill where the men read the prayers.The priest - Imam - during the prayer is over your head, if you bury a man.If a woman is at stomach level.

Bury Muslim at the nearest graveyard.Before diving into a dead man's grave first lowered to the ground, then raised as high as possible.The deceased was lowered down the legs.If you bury a woman, this procedure is performed for deployed veil.Then, throw a handful of earth grave, 7 times watered, then buried the body.The monument is located in the facade towards Mecca, in addition, Islam forbids pictures on it.Sharia allows you to mourn the deceased, but restricts make it loud.Men can not cry at the funeral.

Funeral in different cultures are different.In order to know well how to bury people, it is necessary to study this question in detail.