How to sneeze ?

How to sneeze ?

The human body - a very complex system with many different functions, one of which is sneezing.We offer to find out more information on how to properly sneeze etiquette and health point of view.

Sneezing - this is not a useless process, invented by nature just like that, and the protective function of the body that allows us to fight disease-causing bacteria and microbes.During one sneezing emitted from the body tens of thousands of microscopic droplets containing microbes or foreign material from which it is necessary to get rid of.

Learning sneeze correctly

  • Absolutely can not restrain or sneezing do this by pinching your nose.The thing is that this can lead to rupture of the tympanic membrane, as a strong stream of exhaled air does not come out through the nostrils, and sent directly to the Eustachian tube.Even if the membranes remain intact, in the ear department will get disease-causing microbes, not taken off to the outside, and then they can cause a variety of inflammatory processes.
  • also sneezing containment can cause bleeding from the nose, tears of blood vessels and, in rare cases, blindness.
  • always sneezing cover your mouth and nose, but do not do it with his hand, as all the germs from the hands soon get back into your body.Better in this case to use disposable paper handkerchief, which you can just throw away.After sneezing is recommended to wash your hands with soap and water.
  • If it so happened that the hand is not a headscarf, and you're just about sneezes, cover the elbow hands.So you reduce the likelihood of further spread of germs.

Interesting fact: when sneezing of person flies more than 100 thousand of bacteria, and if at this point is not covered, they can infect about 150 people.


According to the rules of etiquette to sneeze in the presence of other people need to quietly while hiding behind a clean handkerchief.After that, should apologize to the interlocutors.

If you sneezed in your presence the other person, it is necessary not to focus their attention on it and pretend that you have not noticed.Sneezer person we have to say "bless you", but abroad do not.

Sneezing and pregnancy

Sneezing during pregnancy - not a pleasant occupation.In order to ease the tension of the uterus, at the moment it is a little bent or sit to regroup.Otherwise, a sharp spasm of muscles can cause pain, which is absolutely not desirable to your child.

Now you know how to sneeze properly.Do this for any needs of your body, because sneeze guard your body and is an important part of the immune process.