How to publish an article ?

How to publish an article ?

Often, many users have a desire to publish your own article to share with others the information, or your idea, viewpoint, or research.So it could be a scientific article and report on any event, and maybe just a story of life.For these reasons, there is a need for publishing articles.To do it right, you need to know some of the rules, which you can learn more.

published an article on the Internet

The successful development of the site needs quality content, that is, filling it with unique articles.If you have the skills to help write good articles, you can post them on the internet and make money.To do this you need to know how to publish an article.

First you need to find the exchange of articles, the most famous of them - "Advego" and "Etxt".Sign up here and choose the role of the author.Once you have chosen where to publish an article on your page, you'll see a menu "article" (may be variations like "Sell the article", "put up for sale", and others.).This will bring up a window where you sp

ecify the name of the publication, its price category and a file path text.Be sure to check an article for uniqueness and literacy.

If you have your own website or resource, the best articles will be published there.This allows you to assess creativity is much faster, and you will attract into your life more users.Post article, you can use the tools of HTML or engine on which the website.It is imperative to stick to the text of the panel voting and comments.Just be sure to include keywords in the article.

published an article in a newspaper or magazine

Before you publish an article in a magazine, you should know that the editor decides to publish the article or not.He is guided by his personal taste and erudition, so you will need to get his attention.

Develop an interesting theme or idea, and you should be well aware of what you are talking.Investigate whether the articles were published on a similar theme.Your article should be as original - that is, its subject matter, a point of view.

Now you need to choose the publishing house, which is about the same as to publish an article on the Internet, only this resource.You also need to find a publisher who would be interested in your idea.Call him and verify, whether they accept the article for publication, find out what is required to be text, ask whether there is a special edition of the publication of the plan.

If the publisher you are not familiar, you'd better find out what tendencies will have editors who are adherents of this publication.For this is useful to you a new copy of the magazine, which you should read carefully, as you will be able to estimate the average length of articles in the magazine and their complexity.Incidentally, these same tips can be used and for how to publish an article in the newspaper.Carefully consider the direction of the magazine, on what topics he writes and to what audience.

next step is: to write a letter to the editor outlining your idea attractive way.Then call the office and find out who is best to send your email address.Try to make a brief letter: article length, and the idea of ​​how much time is necessary for its completion.After that, you will just have to wait for an answer.

published scientific articles

Before you publish a scientific article, you need to carefully select the laboratory for writing a research paper, and a good indicator is a list of publications of the laboratory.You will need to analyze the publication, clear results should be presented in them.This will show you how effective the work takes place in the laboratory and as the head effectively manages research projects.

Periodically first author must be a variety of laboratory workers - it is said that her work is well organized.Make sure that the articles published in those journals, which would be published and you.When honor the work, you will understand the manner of writing texts that laboratory workers.Before you decide on the laboratory to which you would like to join, compare the benefits of all that you have marked for themselves, as well as a comparison of the bibliography of selected groups.