Why cheaper ruble?

Why cheaper ruble?

turn of 2014-2015 became really difficult time, and we are for the financial market, not only on the situation in Russia with its actively falling ruble, but also about the general world situation.

The fact that the Russians have become less wealthy, seriously affected the tourist industry.Russians like to travel, but leaving the eurozone was the now very expensive, the flow of tourists has decreased significantly, and it is certainly not good for the countries which survive mainly due to tourism.Yes, there are tourists from other countries, but it is no secret so generously as Russian, a little who is resting.

and tourism - this is only one area in crisis are now many other industries.So why is cheaper ruble, who benefits from it and how to keep their savings in a crisis.Let's investigate.

ruble depreciates Why: Causes

Of course, the main reason for the fall of the ruble most analysts believe the situation in Ukraine.The political struggle makes markets warring countries less favorable for in

vestors, and they are rapidly withdrawn capital.

Another important point was the performance of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov head, who said in February that the ruble will gradually stabilize, and there is no more need for spending reserves to maintain the Russian currency.This statement essentially means that the Central Bank would not hold the ruble, and it therefore can be devalued.

his role in the fall of the ruble and speculators play, it is important to say that some analysts say - the fall of the ruble profitable about 10% of economic subjects of the Russian Federation, the most pessimistic put the number at 25%.In addition, many economists believe that the Finance Ministry is most interested in the fall of the ruble, as the situation will allow to increase budget revenues.How?Oil, for example, is sold in dollars, while revenues in the budget are in rubles, so the output infusion into the budget more.

How to save money?

However, the majority of citizens are interested in more not to question why the ruble falls, and how to save money in crisis.Experts put forward various theories, but most agree that it is necessary to invest in real estate, but not under construction, but already finished, because construction companies are not immune from bankruptcy during the crisis.Real estate will always be in the price.If the property is not enough money, many recommend to split the money into several pieces and stored in different currencies, for example, in dollars and euros, in this case, the risks are minimal.

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