How to organize the workplace ?

How to organize the workplace ?

We all want to earn with dignity, to be successful and do not spend most of their lives on the job.In order to become a productive work, to give pleasure, it is important to try to arrange your workspace so that you can work more comfortable, relaxed and not troublesome.However, most of all, our table or a corner is a crazy cluster of very different small things that interfere in time to see the really important things, and paper.How to organize a place to order always remained?

Setting up a work area

Spend a day in order to effectively organize their work.Subsequently, this time will pay off, and you do not just praise yourself for being carved out for this period.

  • Hard distribute the right things, and those who have served their wormed or working in the mess by accident.Throw away without regret do not have writing pens, erasers erased, or just ended a dried corrector.
  • All documents collect in a pile and spread into three parts.One fold important papers and documents.They need to detach or
    in a safety deposit box, or in the most affordable (for you) a drawer.In the second - those that need to work as soon as possible, but still have time to think.The third - the ones that can wait longer.
  • How to organize a workplace that in the zone of constant visibility and easy access were the instructions, tables, or the information that you are guided in their work?Sometimes it is convenient to hang on the wall, put under glass, or just to have on your right hand.
  • Think of a permanent seat for the mobile phone.It makes sense to buy a special stand on which the phone can be charged and just stand.So you will not lose it permanently under a pile of papers.
  • Conveniently, if you have a diary, notebook or loose-leaf calendar on the desk, in which you write down everything that needs to be done.And, you can make a plan for the next day.
  • Keep in table wipes and preferably more.To them it was possible to wipe the table, hands.Sometimes we allow ourselves at the table something to eat, a cup of coffee.For this case, napkins and useful.

Comfort and pleasant environment

How to organize the workplace prompt psychologists.After all, you can not physically be attentive and focused for eight hours.To work in full swing, and promoted effectively, you need to allow yourself to relax, dine or just talk on the phone.For the best relaxation is important to leave room for the rest.

  • Hang a picture, which will help relax the eyes and the soul.This may be a sea, or forest green colors dim colors.It is important that the picture is not hung in front of the eye, so that the working time was not in sight.
  • Put a photo of your family, as do Americans.
  • Always keep a light, not harmful breakfast that will bite, if you can not get up from the table.It crackers, apple, nuts and a bottle of water.

If you do it right, your table will be comfortable, you are sure to become the leading specialist in their field.After all, the result is not so much and it is necessary.