How to improve their skills ?

How to improve their skills ?

Additional training today, while advanced technologies, it is very important.The need for training may occur for two reasons: on the initiative of the employer or at the request of the person.

Types of training

Further training in terms of knowledge, in training organized by date in the following types:

  1. Short thematic training lasting at least 72 hours.This training is carried out at the place of basic work, addresses the issues of a particular production, and ends with the delivery of the exam classification.
  2. Thematic workshops or problem, lasting 72 - 100 hours.Training takes place on the scientific, technical, technological, social and economic problems already at the sectoral, regional level, in the union, and so on.
  3. long learning, more than 100 hours in educational institutions with profound studying of the problems on the profile of the professional activity.

more professional programs require self-organization, increasing desire of professionalism.Educational programs are designed

for the way to improve their skills, how to combine the special wishes and needs of the customer.

Forms refresher

skills development is conducted in the following forms:

  • with a separation from work, production,
  • -job, production,
  • partial separation from manufacture, operation,
  • individual form of training.

Regardless of the types of training, according to st.187 Labor Code, the worker retains his studies at his workplace and average earnings.The employee, who is studying in another area, gets to travel sizes that are laid for business trips.In addition, according to st.187 LC RF, paid average earnings on a business trip.

If professional development occurs without separation or partial separation from production, the wage is calculated on actual hours worked or manufactured products.If there is a combination of work and study, the duration should not exceed daily norm of working time.

Refresher courses

If you want to improve knowledge in the field of their activities, work, enroll in higher education is not necessary.Just pass the courses required topics.These courses can be at major institutes and universities.

The training program usually includes exclusive author's programs of these courses.The course consists of lectures, workshops, individual consultations.Time of training courses lasting 72 hours.On completion of the course students receive a certificate and an information kit on the specialty.

Remote training

Distance learning is very convenient for those who want to learn, but with little free time.This training allows you to improve the skills, regardless of where they live, in prime time, time.In the process of learning:

  • materials for this training are presented in electronic form,
  • training period is not limited as in the full-time training,
  • provided individual training and supervision,
  • remote teacher can conduct visual images, to answer questions over the Internet cananswer questions by e-mail.

Where improve their skills

Further training, depending on the type of retraining, can pass:

  1. in the organization,
  2. in training educational institutions: institutions of training or improvement of (regional, sectoral),
  3. centers, courses, school training,
  4. specialists with qualification (Article 21 item 3 of the Law of 10/07/92 for №3266-1 «on education).

All educational institutions must have a license for educational activity.No license is required in the following cases:

  • during occasional seminars, lectures, internships, where not issued a document on professional development,
  • for individual learning specialist with the appropriate skills.

Inside the organization conducted a so-called "informal training" as a new member of the team in tandem with an experienced employee does the same job.Or when a novice spends some time in each department in order to have an idea of ​​the collective organization.Also, new members of the organization can improve their skills in self-education, reading for this specific literature.