What is a major ?

What is a major ?

Everything in life can be summarized, classified or typed.We ourselves are not an exception.People subjectively attributed to a variety of groups:.. Botany, macho vanilki, glamorous snips, Zauchka, trolls, cynics, etc. About individuals say "majors".Do you know what a major?

Who called majors

Usually majors - are young people who come from wealthy families.Rich parents left son or daughter a lot of bucks or regularly supplying them with them.For example, adult children are scattered the money right and left, not giving them a special value.Usually, if the person himself has earned his fortune, he will not squander money, knowing how difficult it gets material wealth.Mazhory the lead dissolute lifestyle, hang out with their own kind, they find that they are allowed.That such a man called Major.

Bright representatives majors

  • Paris Hilton
  • Dana Borisova
  • Timothy
  • Sergei Zverev

Who are the boys majors

Lately you can hear about some of the male half of humanity, "the boy majeure".What peo

ple have in mind?What is it in their eyes?Boys-majors - the children of wealthy parents, from whom they are extremely dependent.These guys dress up in expensive and stylish clothes, and ride on steep wheelbarrows, regularly spend their free time in nightclubs, expensive restaurants, and live longer at the university in order to hang out with glamorous girls.Loose way of life - all of them.

Why young people majors is only among

wondered who this person majeure ... As we have said, he is a child of wealthy parents who spoiled him.But parents do not last forever.

If a person does not come to its senses in time and finances run out, then it simply will be deprived of such enormous wealth.Accordingly, some of it Major?Adult loser who can not survive in this world alone.

Another situation ... With age, he begins to realize that the money you need to earn the most.And when will feel the taste of work, he will understand the value of money.So, growing up, he will cease to overspend and be considered major.