How to increase the discharge ?

How to increase the discharge ?

Increased discharge is carried out by the personnel of his training.The work is laborious and takes a certain amount of time.Yet Mee exercise it is important because by improving the knowledge of employees, significantly increases the performance of the entire organization.But how to improve the discharge should take care not only to managers of enterprises, but also workers themselves, because that way, they can qualify for a higher salary and position.

How to increase employee category: recommendations

Firstly, you should know that the initiator of the discharge procedure may be increasing both the employee and his immediate supervisor.In the first case, you should write an application to the Director, and in the second memorandum.In any of the aforementioned documents in the opening paragraph should contain a specific argument enhance discharge the employee.In addition, in an address to the head of the enterprise should describe the level of his training and qualifications, which should be do

cumented.You should also describe the need for additional training in the training center or specialized courses.You can write about the need to increase the discharge, after which the employee will receive access to works of high complexity, leading to the company.Once the document is issued, it should be referred to management for review.It should know that before you increase the discharge, it is necessary to receive orders from the head, which served as the basis for the memorandum or statement.The disposal may contain recommendations concerning the organization of retraining employees within the enterprise, or an order to send it to the school, which trains specialists in this direction.

After the training is over, the employee carried out the certification, in which it becomes clear whether the level of his knowledge and training necessary to improve the standards of discharge.As a rule, the proper order, a commission that has the right to carry out certification and certification level of qualifications of the employee, and he, in turn, should also familiarize themselves with the requirements of ETCS, because on the basis of their qualification and carried out.The Commission can be established as from the company's employees, as well as from invited experts from various technical schools or employment center.During certification the employee is obliged to perform the necessary professional work prescribed in the tariff-qualification reference.

After that specifies the date of its entry into force as the practical work will be done and the exam is successfully commissioned, is made an order on awarding the discharge.Once the order is signed by the head, it is necessary to pay for the signature and introduce employee.Then make a mark in the staffing table, personal card and employment record employee.