How to confirm the experience ?

How to confirm the experience ?

to confirm seniority sometimes need to collect a variety of information and documents.Make it is not easy: the matter is that perestroika and dashing 90's.During this period several times resold and factories with workers who have changed directors and the remuneration system.As a result, the personal data of employees were recorded without much precision, often fall into the city archives or even lost on the sidelines of the institution.Unfortunately, today the citizens approaching retirement age have to put a lot of effort to regain lost on paper, months and sometimes years of work.In a particularly controversial situations, when they apply, employees sotssluzhb decide whether a specific person individually.Nevertheless, there is a list of papers required for each.

documents confirming experience

Workbook - a basic document, which are oriented pension fund employees in the calculation of future pensions.But, as mentioned above, it often happens that the records are made incorrectly or not a pe

riod of employment.In the end, the book may be completely lost.And sometimes, by the staff of the Pension Fund uchinyat bureaucracy: if the entry in the labor force, in their opinion, made the wrong (no confirmation stamp, no signature of the chief, etc.), experience over this period shall be deemed invalid and the period of work will not be paid.

Verify seniority in this situation?Experts offer start searching for other relevant documents.It:

  • Orders on hiring and firing.
  • Copies of personal accounts.
  • FAQ confirming experience of the employer.
  • Gazette confirming the payroll.

These additional documents can be in the state archive (district, city or regional), in the region in which the person works, or in the archive of the employer company.Note: if the company changes hands or reorganized, all the paper passed to the new owner of the deposit, or the successor company.Even if the company as a result of the reforms completely changed its profile and name must be stored in the archive you need to know about all ex-employees.

But experts still advise to start searching directly with State Archives.If the required information is not there, in the establishment of prompt, where to go and whom to send a new request.

There is one caveat: the search for the documents it makes sense to start only if the period of employment accrued "white" salary, that is, the employer makes contributions to the pension fund.

How to confirm length of service in the absence of documents

there are special cases in which the law provides the opportunity to confirm the time, without any documents, including the employment record.These are cases of loss of securities as a result of natural disaster, accident, fire, or moments when the documents were lost through no fault of the citizen.Then work experience officially confirmed by witnesses (at least two people), working together with the victim.

By the way, in these cases as evidence of time may make the design book, account or card unionist himself profbilet.But on the basis of their benefits do not count - only the period of work and wages.So the search for the faithful witness.

When to start collecting documents

Pension Fund Russia starts with the citizens approaching retirement age about two years before the appointed time.In this case, guaranteed timely accrual and payment of future pension.

Officials recommended by the Evaluation Office to apply to the pension rights of a few years before retirement with the following documents:

  • labor card;
  • certificate of insurance;
  • marriage certificate;
  • documents confirming the birth of children;
  • other necessary documents confirming the length of service and earnings.

During the reception of citizens specialists check the details of employment record, and in case of inaccuracies, explaining where to go for help, and how to confirm stazh.Samy favorable period wages made to identify, based on the operating time when the citizen paid the highest bid.This information confirmed by certificates issued on the basis of accounting documents.