The composition of the financial statements

The composition of the financial statements

financial statements are used to summarize the activities of the enterprise, is a set of indicators for a certain period.The composition of the financial statements is a certain table, which contains information about the financial activities, its results and the comprehensive data about its position.With it you can get all the details about the organization, the necessary information on its assets and operations affecting them.The users of this information can serve investors, creditors, suppliers, customers, employees, government agencies, etc.

Financial Reporting Standards

existing international financial reporting standards, based on which businesses form the accounting documentation.The composition of the IFRS financial statements is formed of the following components: a balance sheet;cash flow statement, statement of profit and loss statement, statement of changes in capital and amendments, including provisions that were used to prepare the financial statements.IFRS has no clear form of st

atements and are not regulated amounts of information depending on the organization.

reporting Ingredients companies

The enterprise financial statements at the moment are: financial statements of interim and annual financial statements.Interim, as a rule, is the summing up of financial results for the quarterly period.It consists of the abbreviated forms of the reports, and often a smaller volume than the annual.The composition and structure of the financial accounts of certain Ministry of Finance and the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation, in accordance with the requirements of the enterprise which provides a list of specific documents.In the case when it comes to summing up the interim, necessary balance sheet and income statement.

composition of annual accounts

annual statements include all of the above documents, the relevant IFRS.There is also the annual accounts are often attached explanatory note, which provides an assessment of functional activity, reputation, execution plans, efficient use of resources of the enterprise.The composition and content of the financial statements for the annual period, primarily based on the balance sheet, which includes information corresponding to the position of the SBU 2. Before drawing up its need to conduct a reconciliation of all balances and data, and confirm the information provided in the balance sheet should be an inventory of.As part of the balance of two parts, one of which must be taken into account the assets and liabilities in other businesses.Cash flow statement includes data for the period of cash disposed of their receipt.Statement of profit and loss account includes the ratio of revenues and expenses of the enterprise, and the result should show the profit or loss for the flow report includes two sections: shareholders' equity, which reflects data about its presence and movement of funds and consumption that reflect their movements.