What to do with stocks ?

What to do with stocks ?

While universal voucher population in the 90 years the document was issued to every Russian with a strange, at that time, called "voucher".His exchanged for shares of the various companies or invest in mutual funds.Shares of some enterprises still generate revenues, and everything attached to the various funds, simply vanished, along with these funds.So, what is action and what to do with them?Do they bring income to the owner?

Definition shares

to know what to do with stocks, it is necessary to clearly understand what it is.Action - a paper document, equal in value to some parts of the enterprise.This method of dividing the property has been known for a long time.The hosts companies that are in a critical financial situation, it was divided into parts by the issue of shares, a majority allowed themselves (over 51%), and the rest is sold to anyone.The money raised from the sale, the company out of crisis, then buy back the shares.Very effective financial move.Further, each shareholder was entitl

ed to a share of the profits.It was distributed to the shareholders' meeting, which was held once a year.The same is happening now.

What can you gain from shares

Everyone who has a share of enterprises every year are invited to the meeting of shareholders.If it passes away geographically, the shareholder shall notify its outcome by e-mail, and then place the accrual of dividends on the results of the company for the year.And what to do with the shares of the Company, which declares null dividends or on the verge of closing?We need urgently to sell them.In the market there are many buyers of shares worth just start looking for them online.They may also be interested in the enterprise itself, as it did not sound paradoxical.Of course, you do not have a lot of offers, but it is still better than nothing.

Among the inhabitants the most popular stocks - shares of Gazprom.Although dividends on them are small, you still need to select this option if you are deciding what to do with Gazprom's shares.Analysts believe that the Russian economy has stabilized and that the company shares will go up in the near future.Therefore, if you own shares, you need to safely receive small dividends and wait attentively tracking their movement in the market.

Gambling shares

There Exchange, which play on the stock price.There daily brokers monitoring the changes in the value of shares of different companies, holding companies, conglomerates, large corporations.If the profit from one share to a few cents, the terms hundreds, thousands and even millions of shares, the profit will also be millions.If exactly catch the moment when the shares go up, then you can sell them, and if you really dropped in price, you can buy.The law is very simple, but it brings a lot of money to professionals.