What should I do if I forgot my PIN ?

What should I do if I forgot my PIN ?

Surely you do not just have to listen to stories about how someone forgets their PIN, and what were the consequences of this event.And if it happened you have, the more you imagine how unpleasant suddenly lose access to their funds.Even more pitiable situation for those who while abroad can not remember card PIN number.Although the bank's employees are on the fact that, even without knowing the PIN code, you can cash in your bank account.


What the loss of information about the PIN code, if I forgot my PIN number?- you ask.The first thing you need to report it to the bank, whose client you are.Our customer service is often around the clock, and there is in any large bank.Especially since the call to support the bank's free.When you call, you will receive instructions from the operator what to do.

Since PIN known only to you, it is impossible to renew.Therefore, the loss of information about the PIN code automatically leads to reissue the bank card.Fortunately, the bank number will remain the

same, you just get a new card.The important thing is that the possibility of re-issue card PIN by third parties is excluded.

Very often, forgetting the PIN, card holders rely on the case and try to remember it than exacerbate the situation.It is important to remember that if the PIN has been entered incorrectly longer valid attempts - the map is automatically locked and can be withdrawn by ATM.So, naturally, the best well to remember this important combination.

When such trouble would happen, and you can not remember the card code - without a call to the bank can not do.In the event that any bank customer has forgotten the PIN code, what to do in this situation need to tell staff at the phone bank.At your request, the bank can reset attempts to enter the PIN.

possibility of obtaining cash

If you need money now, and the card is already locked as a result of an incorrect input protection combination, do not lose hope - the ability to get cash is still there.Card account - it's just your personal bank account, access to which you have had in a plastic card.Undoubtedly, without a map as possible to carry out all banking transactions.Therefore, to get the money you need in a bank to present an identity document.

Because rules can be exceptions.Getting the money without a card may not be possible if it does not provide the type of card, the bank's rules and local laws.For example, to get the money on the passport is not possible, if the card has been blocked, because it means a ban on all operations with the account.If the lock was made due to incorrect entry of the PIN, the card operations will resume at midnight Moscow time.But even in a situation, if the client did not remember, or forget the security code again, what to do for cash tell the bank's employees.But remember that to withdraw money from the card Maestro, identification by PIN code is required.

loss of information about the PIN code abroad

If you forgot the PIN, you're in another country - cash expense will be much harder.Even worse, if you are not near the issuing bank branches.Although, even when you are abroad, the card holder who has forgotten the PIN code, what to do, can always be found by calling the Bank's support, issuing a card.Basically, the service phone number is on the ATM.That is, the initial actions that the homeland, that abroad the same.Further, after the submission of the application to the bank, within 3 - 5 days must return the card, or issue a temporary.It is worth noting that not all banks are working on a simplified scheme.In this case, when abroad, you can carry out with the help of card purchases, paying for goods and services, as these operations are in the majority do not require a PIN.

way to avoid problems

better to prevent a problem than to seek a solution.Therefore, going abroad is to issue a power of attorney to access the bank account of a third party.In the above described cases, his assistance would be most welcome: it is in place you will be able to resolve the problematic issue at home.

Even better, if you pre-designed several plastic cards to a single bank account.After blocking a card, its owner will always be able to gain access to the means of using the card-twin.