How to come up with a list ?

How to come up with a list ?

In today's world, each of us in one way or another littered with documents and papers.No matter what it is: personal documents, business papers, forms, receipts, warrants or certificates.They all have one common essential attribute - painting.Without painting all the papers lose their legal significance and meaning.

In the Russian legislation there is no clear instructions, what exactly should be a personal signature.This gives us the freedom of action and fantasy.But before you figure out how to come up with a painting, is to figure out what it should ideally be.

good painting should be:

  • resistant to forgery (but not too complicated for its owner),
  • individual (do not copy someone else's favorite painting),
  • identifiable (that is, to remind the name and surname of hisowner),
  • more or less legible (not just the accumulation of squiggles),
  • quick to write (as many paintings placed literally "on the run").

So we see that the unspoken requirements of painting a lot, despite the absence of s

tringent requirements and framework.Now look, what elements may consist of painting.

painting can consist of:

  • letters of the name and last name (lowercase or uppercase, written by ordinary or calligraphic),
  • Monogram (special characters, created by the merger of the first letters of the name and surname),
  • stroke (a finishing touchoften an extension of the last letter).

However, variants are possible here.There are paintings that consist of nothing but "flourishes".And sometimes people are even included in the painting smiley, ie pririsovyvat small smile.

How to invent painting passport

  1. The first and easiest way: write down on a piece of paper the first letter of your last name and add a graceful flourish.It happens that this ingenuous painting looks pretty solid and harmonious.
  2. The second method is slightly more complicated: connect the first three letters of your last name with the first letter of the name.Swap them around, play with binding elements and style.
  3. Put beside the first letter of first name and patronymic, connect them graceful curls or strict broken line.
  4. Just write your name in full.Before it can put the first letter of the name with a dot.The main thing here - writing style.You can use handwriting reflects your character.For example, write down the name of neat legible letters, or letters to arrange a sharp angle, or make-up leaving the inscription, or to register elegant small letters.
  5. Create your own monogram or monogram.That is, twist your initials in a beautiful sign, using patterns and ornate.Give them a form, add decorations - most importantly, do not overdo it.

However, no one knows how to come up with a painting better than yourself.After all, everyone has a unique style and character.So our advice to be used as a basis for experimentation.The more you try, the more likely you'll have a successful painting.And how to make it beautiful?

How to invent a beautiful painting

painting - a company logo, an individual mark that distinguishes us from others.The painting must be original and look good.Of course, it will be easier if you have beautiful handwriting.And if and sweeping - quite easily.Draw a graceful and natural flourish will not be working for you.However, there are universal guidelines for owners of any handwriting:

  • play with the size of the letters in the painting, giving it a beautiful shape,
  • change the tilt of both the individual and all the letters,
  • squiggles and curlicues paint easily without pushing hard on the handle,
  • evaluate the form of painting as a whole, did not dwell on its elements,
  • check the shape, size, composition and harmony of the painting,
  • not pile up a large number of patterns, feel the measure,
  • not be afraid to experiment.

Now stop looking for answers to the question of how to come up with a list, just take a piece of paper and a pen (preferably gel), sit down and get started creating your unique paintings.The more options you use, the more quickly understand how to come up with a beautiful painting.Good luck!