Co kochamy pieniądze?

What love money ?

Our grandparents believe in all the signs, but the present generation if it pays attention to such things, except selectively.Signs that lure money, many, perhaps, will be of interest.

Well, as they say, love money?Let's investigate.

Look at your wallet

Of course, the money should be kept in your wallet, and do not shove random pockets.However, the fact of the presence of the purse is not enough.It should be clean, not ragged, and relatively new.The purse is better not to keep the change, as well as checks, old movie tickets and other unnecessary paper.

It is always important to keep in your wallet at least one bill, even if it is 50 rubles, because with an empty purse to go - a bad omen.

Many people like to purse put dollars or euros left over from a trip, or just to attract currency, however, it is worth remembering here that each bill must have its own department - rubles should be stored with rubles, dollars with dollars, euros eurosetc.

Happy money

We have said that in your wallet is

not necessary to keep a trifle, but one lucky coin must be present.It is desirable if the coin will appear figure 5, for example, 5, 50 cents, 5 rubles.

What else can attract money in the purse, except for a happy coin?Firstly, its color.It is believed that red purse attracts money.Second, a bill from the package you received a solid premium.Third, a special talisman.The role of a special mascot can play a bag of dried flower carnations, as well as any article made of leather (only natural!), Wood or fur (natural again!).

Homemade signs

Not all monetary signs are associated with a purse.You can create and houses some kind of "magic" that will lure money.We once again remember about the saying according to which the change is not necessary to store in a purse, but, what is interesting, keep it at home, on the contrary, a good sign.Just spread out the coins must be strictly on the corners of the rooms.

lot of money due to take to the table.In order to avoid a lack of money, did not look like crumbs from the table onto the floor, do not put on his hat, scarf and keys.Furthermore, also not sit on a table.

If money fell

money - something so important and responsible, even pick them up in the fall need to correct - always with your right hand.A single coin or bill should be left untouched.

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