How to conduct an open lesson ?

How to conduct an open lesson ?

In schools and colleges, teachers of different levels, in addition to simple lessons, hold still and open.I want to stand out and show off your skills and knowledge of their students.In order to show a master class, it is important to know how to conduct an open lesson correctly.

teacher must hold a traditional lesson, which will be the study of a new topic and systematization of previously acquired knowledge.How to conduct an open lesson, the teacher knows a great experience and many years of work in the institution, because they held them repeatedly.Therefore, you can consult with colleagues.In addition, you will help our article.Now we will discuss how to conduct an open lesson correctly, you need to do.It is very important to interest the students in such a lesson to not only see your level of commission, but the students have received a sufficient amount of knowledge and enjoyment of learning.

Conducting open lesson

Start lesson

So, first of all you should start to organize your lesson.M

oment of the open lesson begins with a greeting.Further, according to the plan, check the homework.With regard to this, the first thing students should talk about the actions that they used in its execution.You can then carry out an oral survey to understand how well students have learned all of the definitions and terms.In this task, you need to take into account the individuality of each child and his approach to work.

New Topic

Then the teacher tells the new material.First you need to familiarize students with the goals and objectives of the upcoming lesson.After that, the teacher should go directly to familiarize students with new material.It is necessary to learn a new issue in detail.The teacher should be of interest to students, to the lesson was most helpful.To move smoothly from checking homework to a new topic, you can advance to give the job to any of the students.For example, suppose that he would prepare a report on a particular issue.Other students performing Rapporteur recorded the main points in the book, as well as ask questions.Thus they develop their information and communication skills.And the disciples the ability to allocate the main nuances of the mother when the report is read, is the key to a good perception of the new material.Thus do you prepare for a future unified state exam.Once students have a chance to correct their estimates.

But you yourself can unleash new material.However, it should be done so that students do not get bored, but on the contrary, have been actively involved in the work.To do this, telling the new material focuses on the most important points, repeat them, ask the students to fix them in their notebooks.The theoretical material is required to dilute the practical tasks.They told me something new - fix in practice.So much easier and more useful, rather than first tell the theory, and then proceed to various practical tasks.

very interesting method of learning, when students develop the topic with his teacher.Create a plan, discussed substantive material.After that, the teacher proposes to examine the new material created by the scheme, and the house is set to work with textbooks.

End of lesson

At the end you sum up your lesson.Make conclusions, asking the students what they have learned new things for themselves on this subject.You can spend a little recitation on new material.

One of the important things - your homework (work at home), which the teacher asks the students for better absorption of the program.Assignments home should be varied, but they should not be too much.