How to conduct a master - class?

How to conduct a master - class?

organization of any master class - this is a very difficult and laborious exercise, refer to that need with all the existing seriously.Many believe that a master class is very easy to spend, but well enough to know what you're talking.But then these people are faced with a huge pile of problems, which are rolled on like a snowball that does not stop.Time is running out, people have confirmed their participation and presence at the event, but so far nothing has been done.We must remember the first rule in how to conduct a master class: the audience can not and should not wait.The head of the master class must do everything to talking about it, and it began to exercise is not just to discuss and quote.The preparation of any of the master class can be divided into three points - training events, reviews of the event, the analysis of events and reviews.But, if you start to go into the details of any master class, as soon as it becomes clear that these steps are actually much more.

Search venue

Everyone knows that a master-class - is not just a discussion club on interests over a cup of delicious tea or regular gatherings where everyone is talking about her and do not have a common theme.Workshop to be held at the highest level.It begins with finding a place to hold a master class.Indeed, where to master - class.Before you sign the lease and make payments, should carefully examine the proposed you a room.Check whether the socket is enough for all of the connected devices.Mentally, you need to imagine where will be located the tables for the students, as well as places of narrators.It is necessary to immediately consider the location of the projector relative to the plan of where to hang the screen.One of the most important moments - this is a test room acoustics.It is necessary to check the item to the event does not run into the problem that the narrator can hear only the first rows.

attributes for the master class

When the selection of a particular room for the master class will be made, the time comes to take special attributes.All the attributes of the event should be a logo with the image of the organization, which conducts a master class.There should not be greedy or stingy.You never know what a small piece of paper would be interested in listening.It is necessary to immediately determine the number of people who will attend the master class to select a method of separating the leaders.It is best to use the standard badges.With these badges listeners do not miss past the important people who might become for them a source of new and very useful information.It is also one of the options - is to provide to all the organizers and presenters at the master-class of the same shape.

interaction with the media

To master class did not fail, has not yet begun, it is necessary immediately after the selection of a suitable venue in the print and electronic media publish press releases for upcoming events.Reports of the master class should be placed on various news sites.To distribute information about more than information portals, you need to immediately determine the audience of the audience to which this information can be life interesting and useful.

Preparation before the master class

most important thing in the process of any master class - there should be no hesitation and hitches.This is why it is necessary for some time before the start of the event to come to the venue and re-check all equipment operation.If the opportunity arises, it is best to take the time to also check the media players and other playback devices.For all the special guests need to reserve seats.Regardless of where to draw the master - a class you have decided, in a prominent place should be expanded writing pens, and paper, which may take all comers, if necessary.Before the beginning of the master class is necessary once again to ask the question of whether there is everything you need to write at all.

Completion of the master class

At the end of the story you need to apply the audience the most interesting information.It is not necessary to limit the time for questions to be asking those present.In any case, this end of the event will be much more interesting than the monotonous dialogue speaker, or someone from the organizers of the project.Let's hope that all who read it became increasingly clear how to conduct a master class.