How to sell an article ?

How to sell an article ?

If you can write good quality articles and, quite naturally, that you may be tempted to sell them.As it turns out, not only to write an article, you have more profitable to sell.So, let's learn how to sell the article.

How to write an article

There are several criteria by which the customer will evaluate the article and decide on buying it.This is - the unique, literacy, an interesting topic and a good header.


Naturally, any customer seeking a unique, one-of-a-kind article.No one wants to pay money for a decommissioned from another site text, albeit slightly retouched.Unique content the search engines love.If your site does not appear unique articles, the site is losing popularity, and with it the profits.Therefore, the article must be unique.There are special services that allow you to check the uniqueness of the article.You can use the, Advego Plagiatus, Etxt Antiplagiat.


Well, this paragraph goes without saying.The article should be free of spelling and punct

uation errors.If you have bad spelling with, include special services.And you can check literacy using MS Word.


Of course, the topic should be interesting.It is not necessary to write many times on the same boring topic, it is better to select the category of "How to make money online?" Or "construction".These themes are always popular.But remember also that you should write about what you are good.Otherwise, the customer will immediately see your incompetence, and not even think to buy your article.


title of the article should be original and memorable.In general, such that an article with this headline would like to read.The fact that the title of the article - a kind offer, advertising.That depends on him whether the customer wants to buy your text.

So we know what to do, so that the customer wanted to buy your article.And now we will talk about where to sell the article.

Where can sell articles

Exchange on content

Sales Now these exchanges a lot.You can find them through search engines.Each exchange has its own requirements for the articles.Therefore, you first need to carefully examine these claims.Some exchanges - Advego, Textsale, Etxt.

Seo forums

can sell articles in specialized forums.For this purpose it is necessary to register on the forum and to constantly maintain its reputation.In addition, it is necessary to create your own themes, in which you will be placing your work, as well as a link to the portfolio and its pricing.

Sites There are many sites where you need to constantly update the content.Therefore, you can write to the editor of the site and to offer their services.Just do not forget the important thing: the article you should write about what are good.

newspapers and magazines

You can write articles for print publications.To do this, find the address of the editor, it is usually written at the end of a magazine or newspaper, and then write to that address your offer.

More about the publication of articles can be read in the article How to publish an article.