How to pass the casting ?

How to pass the casting ?

In modern times the main actors in the entertainment business are increasingly resorting to a casting and looking for talented nuggets in provincial towns through various competitions.Naturally, the best contestants climb a step up, and get a chance for a new life.But how to get the casting, so as not to fall through and show itself in all its glory?


This is an important key to success.Remember that a large number of applicants will be invited to a casting, and already from the crowd you need to be visible.You have to look presentable, stand out from the masses of people to cling eye.Of course, clothing is chosen depending on at what exactly you are going casting.But first of all clothes should be comfortable.This does not mean you have to go to the event in sneakers and tracksuit (although it is not ruled out, depending on the type of casting).You should feel comfortable and comfort gives self-confidence, which is very important to show the jury.


If you decide to visit th

e casting, you need to prepare well in advance, especially if your goal is not mere participation and victory.So, before you go casting, it is necessary to work on themselves and prepare.As they say, forewarned - is forearmed.

Learn as much as you can about the upcoming audition, participants, judges.If such competitions already held in other cities, find out about the features of their conduct, what questions to ask like the members of the jury that is most often asked to do.In general, collect all possible information.

If casting is associated with the creative work, be sure to arm yourself with some numbers: a song, a poem, a sketch.It is better if the left will be somewhat prepared and well-rehearsed numbers that demonstrate your talents to the fullest.If the jury does not like a number, you have to quickly find and show another.

If one of your friends has the experience of going through such a casting, talk to them, learn the subtleties.Look at how the casting video, they will help you better understand the atmosphere of the upcoming contest.

you need to prepare emotionally and go to the casting with the right attitude.Of course, to avoid unrest is unlikely, but try not to show it, be confident, show a sense of purpose.Nervousness and anxiety can play a cruel joke, and even a well-prepared participant will fail forgetting lyrics, humorist suddenly falls into a stupor and forgets how to joke, as a potential model suddenly forget how to walk in high heels.To avoid this from happening, do everything to hide the excitement deeper.


So, you find yourself in a room or hall, where all eyes are on you.Now your task - not to lose face.

You will be asked a variety of questions related to your life, studies, profession.It is important to possession of a competent speech, and the ability to properly express their thoughts.You may be asked to tell a little about yourself, such a story is better to prepare in advance and even rehearse at home.

says only good things, try to present the story with a bit of humor and self-irony, usually creative casting jury is welcome.

It is likely that you will be asking strangers questions on abstract topics that have nothing to do with the theme of the casting.The main thing in this situation - not to get lost, turn all his erudition, charm and wit, try to appeal to the members of the jury, but not whiny, and do not be too intrusive.Modesty in such a situation is hardly play in your favor, but too arrogant yourself is not worth showing.

And the last thing I want to say: do not make the naive illusion that you will take this as you are.You - only the raw material for further processing and working with you, be prepared for the fact that they will dig and reshape you into your inner world.