How to calculate the salary ?

How to calculate the salary ?

salary of any employee is calculated on the basis of hiring the head of the order.The basis of a labor contract is accepted.It usually indicates the accrual principle: a fixed amount or the piece depending on the number of hours worked or the result of the work.

The second option is also a salary, because the established tariffs used in its calculations.Ultimately, the question of how to calculate the salary, and may affect the working conditions and the experience of the employee, and his qualifications and geographical component of the job.For example, to the salary made to charge an additional factor in the northern regions - the so-called "northern".Any salary and tariff is calculated on the basis of the provisions on pay and staffing.It specifies the procedure for calculating the salary, possible bonuses and penalties, as well as the timing of payments.

How to calculate the salary for the salary?

For each employee develop an individual scheme for the payment of wages.The payslip is indicate

d by a fixed salary.Further, in a separate table, the salary is calculated.The basis is the norm of working time.From it depends on how much it costs per hour of work.The table includes the number of days (calendar, weekday, weekend, and a graphite - working time) and the months for which the work was carried out.Final figures will be for specific quarters.

calculate the salary based on the salary of the following formulas:

  1. number of working days / month * hours / day = number of hours worked / month.
  2. salary / working time norm in the month = RUB / one hour per month
  3. Rub / one hour per month * number of hours worked / month = size of the salary for a particular month
  4. If the employee has worked the night shift, separately calculate the amount and cost offulfilled during this time of hours.The resulting number is necessary for the calculation of premiums.
  5. (salaries per month + cost of hours of night shift) * 40% = amount of the premium
  6. total salary will be: the size of the salary for a particular month + cost of hours of night shift + size
  7. premium, if necessary, forward premiums: regional coefficient, etc..d.
  8. summarize the amounts received: Salary + bonuses + bonus.From the resulting values ​​subtract 13% (the size of the income tax).

resulting value will be wages.As you can respond to the same principle and the question of how to calculate the salary.This is done, in principle, as well.