How to make a career ?

How to make a career ?

Now there are many people who have worked for years in the same company at the same time and not getting the promised move up the career ladder.But young energetic newcomers, who without, the week worked in the company, a few months later occupy higher positions.What is the secret of their success, and why so many failures in his career?The answer to this question you will find yourself after reading this article.

Let's see how you can make a career?A career can be made quickly (at the aggregate of positive signs and good luck), slow, or not do at all.Our task - to learn how to make a good career in the fastest possible time.

How to climb the corporate ladder


Remember that meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind.Folk wisdom also acts in this area.If you are in the future want to become a manager or director, you should always keep the brand.Strict aged business style, but modern, with matching accessories - what we need.Do not put on a standard black suit and white shirt.Option i

s good, but it has already become familiar!Today, you can find a variety of options for business outfits.Take a closer look to them and select the most suitable.Try also to express their own style, so different from the others.

How to behave

Business behavior - an indispensable trump card for someone who wants to make a career.Learn to work in a team with colleagues, set them right distance.Do not cringe, lisp, try to please everyone, but to sit too, should not with a straight face the whole time.Openness, respect, attention, kindness, a drop of healthy humor, adequacy, ability to communicate and express their thoughts logically - that should definitely be in your arsenal.

quality work

Professionalism - perhaps most importantly for someone who thinks as a career.In order to achieve greater heights, to become a professional in their field and to prove it to my colleagues, and especially the chief.Constantly learning, self-education in your workspace, use new approaches and methods of work.You can analyze the work of those professionals who do the same as you.Identify shortcomings of their work, draw conclusions.Determine the best in their work and try to use it in their.


ability to show themselves.Even if you - a talented worker from God, observe business etiquette and doing your job faithfully, this may not be enough.Sometimes it is necessary to be able to advertise itself.But this should be done wisely.Do not boast of your higher education if it does not give any positive results in your work.It is best to talk with the chief casual mention about a new method to help you do the job quickly, efficiently and effectively.Naturally, your words must be proven in practice.If you have any suggestions for improvement of the company, do not be afraid to talk about them.This happens not so often, so the boss will be remembered.And when he would think someone would have to appoint a new position, for sure you will be in his list of candidates for a coveted spot.

ability to behave in unusual situations - is another important feature.You must have a strong belief in himself, outwardly calm, speak the truth and be able to defend their point of view, if that makes sense.Thanks to these qualities of the person looks strong in the eyes of others.Be able to adequately respond to the controversy and criticism.If you are not sure of his victory in the dispute, just agree with the enemy.If you get your address adequate criticism of your work, listen to it and think about what and how to fix it.If this criticism concerns you personally, simply ignore it.Do not snap back, to let the gossip about the offender or try to justify.Remember that every situation have to leave with dignity.


Keep your reputation.If you want to place the boss Establish yourself as someone reliable, intelligent and responsible.Do not spread candid photos to social networks to share.Always keep promises.Carry out the work diligently and on time.Take responsibility for your actions and decisions, and so on. E., The list is endless.

Make a good reputation is hard, but to lose it does not cost anything for a few seconds.The man who once led, in the chair chief will not be allowed.

Woman and Career

As a career woman?Unfortunately, in our society there was a strong stereotype about the identity of the woman and her mental faculties.To break it, you need all of the above in a previous column to do double zeal.So you will earn a name for himself, to make himself respected and considered your opinion.

to all this especially for women can highlight a few recommendations:

  1. Always keep yourself in their hands.Whatever happened at home, no matter how bad you may feel yourself after another quarrel with her beloved, and so on. E., It should stay out of the office doors.At work, you are working.If the situation is critical or not the strength to keep myself calm, politely ask the chief about the time off.There should be no tantrums, tears, high tone, capricious demands, etc.
  2. not have a lot to talk about their own and others personal lives.This will be interesting - will ask themselves.And you'll have to decide what and how to respond in this case.
  3. If you want to express something about the work in the company of men, wait until all of the reprimands and then quietly express their views.Keep
  4. with colleagues, even if they are of the opposite sex, a good working relationship and friendship.Two hundred times think before you have an affair at work.The result can be disastrous both for you personally and for your reputation.

What if the old company and work easily and the staff is good, but it is unknown whether the career, and immediately offer new promotion?Hard to say.Listen to your intuition and heart, and she will tell you to go to a new place to stay on the old sludge.And our recommendations on how to make a career, certainly will help you anywhere!