How do you store ?

How do you store ?

Warehouse now in the price, so many owners of trading companies or remove the rental or purchase in property stocks.The fact that it is cheaper - to rent or build its own warehouse, we will not talk.Let us consider the question concerning the organization of the warehouse.How to make the warehouse, which would allow effectively ship the goods, as well as to replenish stocks quickly and cost of human resources?

Organization warehouse

Warehouse - a space large or medium size, that stores the products of the company or enterprise, inventory store or trading organization, etc. Material can be arranged in a small room, if not provided for storage of huge volumes of freight on it.stocks, for example, a small grocery store stocks available in each private home.Proper organization of the warehouse starts with the correct choice of the place where the warehouse is located.It should be as easy as possible to the entrance of heavy vehicles, which will take away some goods, while others bring to the warehou

se.It is important that for the shipment and delivery of goods separate entrances / exits from the warehouse were provided.Of course, some stocks are so small that they can not be organized this replenishment and shipping stocks.

Before organizing the warehouse, you need to take care of the acquisition of special equipment - it is purchased in accordance with the specifics of the warehouse, as well as the size of the warehouse.If the room is large and high, it is advisable to purchase racks that can be assembled and disassembled as needed.Multi-level racks are the best option for the storage of products of almost all trade groups.In addition to the acquisition of the equipment necessary to think about the purchase of specialized equipment -. This truck, etc.

Warehouse accounting

In stock necessary to organize accounting - this is probably one of the most important components, as reporting on stock, is directly related to the balance of the enterprise or organization.The main documents confirming income and expenditure items in stock are invoices corresponding to the sample, according to which the warehouse and prepared statements.All remnants of the warehouse must be clearly different from the remnants of accounting.Warehouse accounting is warehouse manager, on a monthly basis, in accordance with their job descriptions approved by the head of the enterprise, delivers the remnants of the warehouse to the accounts department of the enterprise.

Warehouse - a material person in charge, so he decides all issues related to how to organize the warehouse, personally monitoring the shipment and loading the storage box.In stock, in addition to the head, it can work a few storekeepers who obey the head and faithfully carry out all his instructions, unless, of course, they are directed to the correct operation of the warehouse.All the goods from the warehouse should be issued only if the invoices, which indicate the name of the organization or the person receiving the goods, the quantity and the price.Necessarily the presence of overhead on signatures.If the stock is found defective goods, it is written down, that is the head of the warehouse is an act for the cancellation.


stock successful organization and operation of the warehouse is not possible without the annual inventory.In principle, if a small warehouse, the inventory will not cause any problems, but in large warehouses, the organization of inventory is a time-consuming, but very important and necessary measure.Organize an inventory is necessary in order to identify the surplus or shortage of commodity values.If the warehouse manager knew how to organize the warehouse, then it will not have problems with the shipment of goods, since they will be separated in the room for items and groups.But with the wrong company warehouse, often identified shortage, resorting products that are associated with the shipment of goods at a price different from that which acts on the specific name of the product.Of course, there are losses that should reimburse the Warehouse Manager.