How to sell yourself?

How to sell yourself?

If you want to get a good paying job and or make a successful career, you need to learn how to sell yourself as a specialist.What does it mean to "sell yourself"?Sell ​​Yourself - means qualitatively to present themselves on the labor market as a valuable employee, a professional in their field, strong and interesting personality, responsible and intelligent man.

How to profitably sell yourself, create image

If you want to profitably sell themselves, to build a good career, then you need to "keep the brand" around and behave appropriately, not only during the interview, but always.How to create an image of a serious, intelligent, valuable professional to not seek to work and to receive invitations from various companies in the high-level positions?Let us give a few tips.

  • Strangers do not know what kind of person you, they judge you on appearance, so be sure to create a stylish and "expensive" way, because it is so often associated with the image of stylish, successful and serious person.How to
    sell yourself with appearance?Pick a stylish wardrobe - things let it be little, but they will be expensive, high-quality and well sitting on your figure.For stylish image needs such as stylish accessories.This applies to shoes, work portfolio, belt, glasses, scarf - they must be very high quality, so that the mere sight of such parts of the wardrobe it was evident that people value quality and can afford accessories by famous designers.The same goes for gadgets.No doubt that is stylish and business-dressed man, talking on the iPhone, is successful.Dear smartphone from a reputable manufacturer - another important thing for you.Of course, the man himself must be well-groomed.Always neat and well laid haircut, nice white teeth smile, clear skin and nails - it is obligatory.
  • If you are a little-known people, the need to express themselves.To do this, you need to acquire useful connections, they will help you sell yourself.Be aware of all the events (and secular as well), which can help to get useful contacts.Be sure to go there, take the initiative themselves tie conversations with interesting people and skillfully lead the conversation (learn to communicate with business people is correct).It is useful to go to such events with their business cards, so be sure to work on it.Business cards should also highlight your style and status, so think carefully about design, even a small Bespoke professionals.As soon as a new acquaintance turns out attractive offers and opportunities, with a smile pull the man his card.It is said that due to tie useful not only among potentially useful for you people, but also among all the others.As fate and they can contribute to your career, so you can communicate as much with different people.
  • If organized large-scale projects that are useful to you as a professional, try to take part in them.They will help you profitably sell themselves.Why?In the first place, so you "become familiar", you will remember, and secondly, for such events often follow very serious people, that you may find helpful.It is not excluded that it is in the process of participation in such projects, you get an interesting proposal, but not one!
  • mannered and friendly and always behave with all people in all situations in society.This is important, because in life there are different cases.Let's say you Naham unfamiliar girl on the street, and then it turned out that she is the daughter of director of the company to which you want to get to work so hard.Unpleasant situation, right?So follow this advice without question.
  • Personal details of life should not be made public.For this you need to watch carefully, because to lose a high reputation easily and is hard to gain.Also make sure your profiles vsotsialnyh networks - there should not be anything too explicit and compromising you.Look at his eyes man page, which can be a future partner or boss.Would such a person to take on the job?What it does not like?Remove all the information that may hurt you.
  • Work, work and work again.In order to sell yourself, you have to really well-versed in the business, have a solid experience, high quality to do your job, and constantly improve.
  • Do not be afraid to show himself as an expert on the public.Do you want to interview for the job?Do not give up.The better you are known to the public as a good worker in a particular area, the more likely that you will notice right person.Also Encourage yourself to know about you.
  • Be interesting.Of course, work on their professionalism is in the first place, but to be interesting, too, is important.It attracts people is the desire to communicate with such a person.Have hobbies, develop talents, learn something new.Besides, in the course of all this, you will make new friends, which are also important for the image as a whole.
  • Remember that it is important to be an active person, to take the initiative, do not miss the opportunity.The more active you are, the more likely you are to notice and more, and thus increase the chances of success.

How to sell yourself in the interview: tips

consider a specific situation.You have been invited for an interview at a major company, and it is necessary to make a positive impression, to get the desired location.How to sell yourself in the interview?

person with whom you communicate during the interview, see you for the first time, so the idea of ​​you will emerge from all that he will appreciate and notice you.This appearance, behavior, manner of communication and supply itself, knowledge of the business and so on. D. Nothing will escape from his attentive gaze, therefore, need to be fully prepared.Let us discuss all the points.


As you know, meet on clothes, so immediately appreciate your appearance and make the appropriate conclusions.You must be neat, clean and tidy.Healthy looking, clean, well-styled hair, manicured nails, neat shoes, well-ironed and beautifully on a figure sitting business clothes, light fragrance, not strong makeup - that is necessary.And of course, do not forget to smile sincerely, because a smile of people, is sympathetic.


You must impress intelligent, focused, responsible and self-confident person.Do not be late for the interview, but also to come before too.Come exactly at the appointed time.Behave calmly and friendly, not crouching and trying by all means to please, but without sounding proud and arrogant person.Try to be with a man "on the same wavelength," not to be humiliated or humiliate.

Watch your gestures.They should be clear, moderately hard and fast, look - straight and calm, careful, it - loud enough (but not too much), measured, understood, handshake - moderately strong.

Communication and serve yourself as an expert

From communication depends on more than 50% success rate.How to sell yourself with clever conversation?As we have already noted, have to speak loud enough, surely, even in a calm voice, using relevant words (no colloquial jargon and catchphrases), looking at the same person with whom you are communicating.Know how to listen and show interest in what you say, and Be able to accurately answer questions.Nothing more to say do not, tell me only that can have a positive impact on getting a job.

The main thing that you should do in a conversation - is to demonstrate itself as a professional.Be prepared enough deployed to talk about his past work, to answer the various questions connected with it.According to your answers will be judged by whether or not you are a good specialist, are good whether in their work and how much you are professional.

To properly sell yourself, you should be familiar with their work and in practice and in theory.Do not be surprised if you're asked to explain something of the theory, to tell the nuances of practical work.Answer specifically, the confidence and the case - so they say professionals.Of course, you need to provide the correct registration of resumes on a flat, clean sheet, preferably in a special folder or file (remember that you appreciate even small things), letters of recommendation, a variety of letters, thank you letters, and so on. D. In professional deyatelnosti.Esli you havean opportunity to demonstrate the fruits of their labors, it is well worth making.

many employers are interested to know why you want to get a job is in their company.Be prepared for this situation: before going to an interview, find out as much information about the Company and about his job.If the conversation will go in that direction, you'll be ready to anything to comment on this topic that will no doubt be a big plus for you.Also be prepared for the "uncomfortable" issues - too personal and candid.Ask them not for the sake of curiosity, and to see how you react to a stressful situation.Quietly and without much information, respond to them.

We have given you some useful advice on how to market yourself.Listen to them, and they will help to achieve what you desire.