How to make it ?

How to make it ?

Speech in public for many is quite a lot of stress.If this is the first performance, it worries almost everyone.Nevertheless, well-written and rehearsed it will help to avoid many problems.And how to make it for the performances, we'll talk today.As an example, consider a scientific report, presentation at the meeting or at the meeting and the speech for the defense in court.

How to make a speech for

report in the scientific report, as well as on the protection of the degree project or a thesis, the most important thing - these are facts.Therefore, special attention should be paid to the structure of the report.Start with the basic theoretical aspects and then illustrate them with examples.It would be naive to believe that such an event you will be able to do without paper.Such boasting can be costly for those who decide to show off his even and phenomenal memory.

on memory can be relied on in a scientific discussion, but if it is an official public statement, it is best to err and take with tw

o stacks of sheets of A4.In one pile you will have theoretical calculations, and in another - examples.Number the sheets in advance and make a table of contents, so that, if necessary, to quickly find the right material.

And another tip: Of course, in the scientific report is not so important manner of acting, it, so to speak, charisma, attractiveness.However, a minimal set of conventions is still observed.Put a solid suit or a beautiful dress.During his speech, try to speak so that was audible to all present, answer questions clearly and to the point (here also come in handy your papers).The positive impression of the Speaker often tips the scales toward a higher evaluation of its performance by others (commissions, colleagues).

How to make oratorical speech

a somewhat different manner will take place performance at the meeting or at the meeting of the company.There is a person comes to the fore of the speaker.Therefore, during his speech, try to appeal to everyone present, not to mumble, do not lower your eyes for a long time.If you feel that you may experience difficulties during the performance, prepare in advance the main points.However, detailed study also does not hurt.Believe me, the greatest orators the world has always carefully prepared for their performances, even if were not one hundred times before an audience.

the meeting or meeting must be able not only to speak but also to listen.Very often, people are baffled when someone interrupts them more glib.In this case, do not interfere with the insolent and as soon as he's finished, ask for words.Scandal you will not achieve anything, and in this way it's easy to put it into place.In addition, this argument works fine if you start again to interrupt: "Until then, I have listened attentively (s), and now let me say."

some reason all forget one simple thing: it is much better results can be achieved by not rushing into an argument at once, and after waiting the right moment.So restrain yourself and strikes when the opponent triumphantly ended his speech - because you have the same array of arguments.And that they are not forgotten in the heat of emotion, enter all your thoughts on paper - and then your argument would be really formidable weapon.

How to make a persuasive speech for the court

In court, the manner of performance shall be fundamentally different.Firstly, it is necessary to conduct a so that it had the maximum number of facts and a minimum of water.Speak clearly and to the point.It is unacceptable when the question: "Do you Insulted Mr. so and so," the man replies, "Of course, insulted, and yet he took my money and not give.And his children - it's all a nightmare ...! "- Etc., etc.It is enough to say, "Yes." - And give some examples of abuse, it is desirable, confirmed the testimony.Similarly, in response to the question: "Do you Beats husband (wife)?" - No need to remember the husband (wife) all injuries caused - it is necessary to answer specific "yes" or "no" and tell the facts of beating.

Therefore, it is partly in the court can be compared with the scientific report, and prepare factual evidence should be very careful.Secondly, in the judgment need to be as low-key and calm.It is unacceptable to interrupt the judge, plaintiff or defendant.With regard to the manner of treatment, believe me, "Your Honor," can be heard only in the talk show, serious lawyers prefer other treatment.Of course, this treatment does not prohibit anyone, but it sounds somewhat pretentious, so it is best to either completely do without it, or contact the participants in the process by name.