How to become a representative ?

How to become a representative ?

Occupation sales representative recently appeared in our country.But the labor market is increasingly 'illuminates' requests for specialists for the job.In this article we will look at the features of the sales representative.

Sales Representative - it ...

rather difficult to formulate a clear definition of the profession, "sales representative".It is called and sales agent and sales manager.Either way, a sales representative sells.However, he was not behind the counter, does not offer the goods on the street, it is not for the apartments.Sales representative is an intermediary between the "wholesaler" (by manufacturer or distributor) and the owner of the retail outlet.Thus, the sales representative works primarily with legal entities and does not interfere with the user.

If you decide to become a representative, you will have a tight and fruitful dialogue with the owners of supermarkets, shops, kiosks, the sphere, the goods which you will "promote".It is also the responsibility of the "trade r

epresentative" is to find new customers, taking orders for the supply of the necessary amount of product, full consultation on the properties of distributed goods and control of financial flows between the parties to the relationship.

Pros and cons of working representative

The biggest plus in the sales representative - a sense of freedom.You do not have to sit all day long in a stuffy office and stare at the monitor.If your business is constantly will not control the line manager, then you may well be able to work with the free schedule.Another undoubted advantage - solid earnings.Trade Representative you will be able to earn almost as much as you want.Everything will depend on your perseverance and desire for self-improvement.The advantages of the profession may also include a rhythm in which you will live.Constant communication, trainings, workshops, patrols - all this can be very interesting and exciting.

Like any other position, place a sales representative has a number of disadvantages.First of all this work really hard.You should be able to combine the driver, collector, consultant, accountant and even a psychologist.All day long you'll wander through the city or perhaps on several closely spaced cities.Not all customers bother with politeness, and to you, one way or another, will have to communicate with them.Free time will often go to repair the car, a visit to training and zubreshku information about new products.

course, can not be called boring work sales representative and fresh.But be aware that not everyone will be able to successfully deal with the case.

necessary quality for a representative

denote an illustrative list of personal qualities that should have a sales representative.

  • Sociability.Ability to communicate - this is perhaps the basic skills that you must possess if you want to become a trade representative.Coming to the customer with a new product, you will need to in the allotted time (no more than half an hour) to convince the person that your product is really high quality and sold;
  • Possession secrets of time management.Position "trade representative" is very versatile.You must all keep up, but it needs to properly plan his every day.For example, one day you have to go round a certain number of points of sale, to communicate with customers, perform sales plan, fill in accounting documents and report back.Improperly planned a day, you have every chance of afternoon protorchat in traffic jams, spend too much time on one careless or too sociable client, neglected by others, and not to fulfill the plan, put the command.The result, of course, remain without prizes;
  • ability to avoid conflict situations.If you can easily deduce from itself, you do not like to wait, nervous, when a person that does not understand, does not want to listen to you or just bad applies to you - then this job is not for you.Among the clients, unfortunately, quite common people in a bad mood, with inadequate inquiries, with strange outlook on life.Each individual must find an approach that will ensure normal cooperation and keep your dignity;
  • talent to sell.Sometimes even years of experience in sales did not surpass the natural human ability to persuade people to trust you and buy it from you.

Work places for representative

almost any trade requires sales representatives.It is best to try to get a job at the company-manufacturer.Compared with the "wholesalers" work here it is much more stable.In addition, "trade representative" manufacturers often give company cars, pay for the cost of cell phones and health insurance.This place is quite hard to get, but it's worth a try.On the distributor to work harder, since information and more spending and less income.But here it will be easier to get.

If the choice between using a "networker" and to retail outlets, the first, of course, easier and more prestigious.But at the same time if you start your career working on the "dots", then you will be much easier to retrain in the "networkers".In the opposite direction to move much more complicated.

surest option - look for a job through a friend.In this case, you will know in advance all the pros and cons of working in the company from the inside.

Wherever you settled sales representative, the calculation of your salary is likely to be carried out as follows: month you will receive a fixed salary (its size is determined by the employer) and premium (the amount of which depends on how well you promote products).