Who is the manager ?

Who is the manager ?

Who is the manager?The managers of different organizations have different functions.Where - what is the usual dealer where - the organizer or administrator, and where - the - head.On the basis of economic theory, the manager - a person that controls the company, to put it simply, the director.

But in today's job market, there are varieties of this profession.All managers are divided into top managers, sales managers, office managers, advertising managers and HR managers.In general we can say that it is more narrow specialization, that is, each of the managers responsible for their narrow focus.The manager - a specialist with higher education with leadership skills.Let us examine in more detail.

Who is the sales manager?

Sales Manager is responsible for sales in the enterprise.He collects customer base, making contacts, negotiates, concludes treaties and contracts.Explains suppliers or customers, the terms of cooperation, offers options to enter into contracts.trying to maintain contact with regu

lar customers, developing special offers for them.Manager Salary Sales usually depends on the number of successful transactions and sales.An experienced sales manager to be educated and correct specialist, stress, mobile, communicative, ready to work on weekends.In small companies, managers are sellers on sales.

Who is the office manager?

Office Manager, a specialist, providing work in the office, it takes everything what has caused the office functioning.Since the water supply and finishing projects on the interior upgrade.in some companies, the office manager can deal with and recruitment.Office Manager works closely with the sales manager.Wages his usually fixed.Depending on the decision of a senior management it can receive the award for the successful introduction of new ideas that will improve the work of the office as a whole.

Who is the personnel manager?

Here everything is clear.But in different organizations, it can be endowed with different powers.Some personnel manager has been recruiting staff, to select Resume, schedule interviews.In other HR Manager monitors itself vacancies, advertises or to apply to the agency's recruitment.He can independently meet with candidates, carry out the selection and make their own decisions in the selection of candidates.As HR manager can select tests for interviews.Conduct training sessions for employees who are already working honey agaric.These trainings are aimed at improving the quality of work, professional development of employees.manager salary staff often fixed, but, of course, all depends on the company policy.

Who is the advertising manager?

Logically, the advertising manager is engaged in advertising.But it all depends on the specifics of the enterprise.If it is a magazine, then the advertising manager may engage advertisers seeking to place in the publication.If an organization produces something, he develops projects for advertising roazmescheniya in newspapers and on television to promote their products.Just advertising manager can work with advertising agencies, advertising layouts to approve projects.It can involve promoters think through promotions.Advertising Manager is a percentage of the transaction and the fixed salary.

All managers usually have a subordinate employees who are performers.in small companies all the duties he performs.

Who is the top manager?

top manager - is the head of senior, over it can only be a founder or manager of the company.Top manager organizes the work of all the other managers who, in turn, depending on the orders, organize the work of their subordinates.This is a man with a well-developed organizational skills, leadership qualities, strong character and a stable psyche.Salaries of top management is quite high, in large companies, it can reach several thousand dollars.With the work of a top manager is related very big responsibility.