To change whether a job ?

To change whether a job ?

believed that work on one and the same place for many years is not a good sign.This leads to professional stagnation and lack of interest in development.At the same time, too frequent change of job, as well, shows no positive aspects.In this article, we will consider whether to change jobs is necessary and when it is necessary.

When you need to change jobs

work become boring

whether work is changing, if you, for several years running at the same position, and she did not carry anything new?Of course, as you become more irritable.And each day passes in the same way as the previous one.In this case, you just need to change something.You need to develop!

no career prospects

If you work in a small organization, a team which is made up of several people, it will be very difficult and almost impossible to develop.But this is not a reason to quit.You can simply transfer to a new, larger office, where perhaps there are prospects.

No stability

If you are running a small company, where there are n

o prospects for career development, and stability, it is necessary to change jobs.After all, you see, precarious situation when you do not know your company will be closed or will be left floating, not very conducive to working zeal.Perhaps in a larger company for you to find a place, and the prospects certainly will.

Not satisfied with a salary

If your colleagues working in other companies, the salary is much higher than you, you just need to decide something.Talk about it with the authorities, and in case of failure, look for another, more highly paid jobs.

unfavorable climate

If you are working with people who treat each other badly, it is, of course, is not conducive to high productivity.The team must work as a single organism.Otherwise, nothing good will come of it.Definitely need something radically change.

When it is not necessary to change jobs

considering the question of whether to change jobs, we can not neglect the reasons for which it is not necessary to leave.

  • If you just mope or decision came spontaneously and out of boredom.Wait out.It just affects fatigue and a busy schedule for the previous month.The way out of this situation would be simple vacation.If left
  • colleague with whom you've worked well together.With his departure, nothing has changed.In place of the resigned his friend, will always come a new employee.
  • If someone says that you are working "out of place".You work where you like.Nobody will listen.
  • If one of my colleagues found a place with great prospects.This may not be very reliable, and you lose your job, and did not anticipate a new place.
  • If you just want someone to prove something.Like they can not cope without you.Not worth it.Not interchangeable people there.
  • If you do not like your boss.You do not love him.Just do your job, and to the leadership treat respectfully.

psychologists Tips

Experts believe that it is important to change the work place at least every five years.Plus, you have to get increase within one year of the company.Since during this period the person is able to exhaust all the innovations and to learn the position thoroughly.Further work becomes uninteresting and ordinary not conducive to development.

Now that you know whether or not to change jobs, and when it is necessary.