Is it possible to work without education?

Is it possible to work without education?

In modern times there is a large selection of specialties and companies are engaged in different activities, produce products or promote brands.That is, the field for the tremendous work.And of course, the man is so constituted that he wants all at once, but how to get a job, for example, if you do not have the education and experience?Let's say right away, it's not easy.

So, is it possible to work without the relevant education and experience?Can!Besides, now the tendency is such that a higher education is difficult to find a pretty good job.Answer: You can, of course, but it will be difficult to implement.First of all, a lot depends on your future employer, it is clear that the company or the company needs an experienced employee and his salary was small, but we also see ourselves on the other side (let's pay a little more), in addition, even without experience.

From what a start when looking for work

search criteria such work is divided into major issues.The first question is this: where to

go without education and work experience?To do this, you need to determine the genus of your activities, what you pull, where you have the knowledge (and maybe not deep, but in some ways yes and understand).The best choice is any large company, which always has enough open positions where you can go and no experience.Also it plays an important role the company that develops and expands, there is staff turnover, the company itself begins to train new professionals.

In connection with this, your chances of getting a job are increased, moreover, since you have no experience, you will be offered any help and in practice you will quickly become familiar.So, do not be afraid of huge companies, and here you will get the support and knowledge, and expertise (often you can get a paid internship).As for small companies, the company where 10 people sit in the same room, including the Director, you will be virtually helpless and time on your training will be given to no one.

The important question: who work without education?If you have decided with the scope of its activities, the important thing is not to be afraid.Passing an interview for the interview, you get experience and some knowledge.Being Assertive and not afraid of difficulties, you quickly get comfortable.The main thing - to speak the truth, you do not have experience, but want to.With regard to specific professions, which can be issued without the education and experience, you do not need to listen to people that assert about the janitors.No, now there are a lot of specialties, which can be accessed, for example, may not be the highest paid profession, but it is still a work - cashier sales area.If you passed the military service, it guards or government agencies (where you can get and education and career development).Considerable importance is self-learning, the majority of experts are "self-taught" their success is due to the knowledge of the practical aspects of its activities.The main thing - do not stand still, and move forward!