How to connect the engine to the 220 ​​?

How to connect the engine to the 220 ​​?

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How to connect the engine to the 220?

During repair work often requires a three-phase electric motor connection to the network at 220 volts.It is usually associated with the operation in a residential electric emery, circular saws, concrete mixers and other high-power devices.But in the technical passport data is not recommended to connect to a conventional power supply.What to do in such cases?From this article you will learn how to connect any motor with 220 volts without the risk of ruin expensive equipment.

Engine Wiring Diagrams

to mains 220V three-phase motor can be connected in several ways.

scheme "Star»

start of the current wave will occur gradually and continue to act fairly weak.It is not always possible to achieve the maximum required power for some types of equipment.


  1. Two phase motor winding connected to a single-phase network.
  2. third winding wire to connect to the network through the run capacitor.

scheme "Triangle»

When connected in this way your electric equipment will operate at full capacity.But this, in turn, can cause damage to the wire insulation.Therefore, most often used combined connection.


  1. Identify the wires belonging to the winding phases.
  2. Connect the third phase coil through the capacitor to the terminal of the second phase winding.

scheme "Star-Triangle»

When you start the first motor current flows smoothly move with a gradual increase in speed.When the motor begins to operate at full capacity, it automatically switches to the "Triangle" scheme.It is carried out by using the starting time relays, magnetic actuators or packet switch.

connection method: the ends of three-phase windings are connected together at one point.

Connection via

Connecting three-phase motor capacitor to 220V can be achieved through the condenser.This device is a container for collecting and storing electrical energy and transmitting it on the circuit in a safe mode.Power in this connection will drop.You can say that you will not use the three-phase and two-phase motor.If this is not enough power to operate your equipment, it is best to use the connection through the condenser.

Proper selection of capacitors

Selection of capacitors should be performed in the following way:

  • power of this unit should be 1.5 times less than that of the electric motor (otherwise it is fraught with irregular voltage when turned on and off, which leads to the capacitor burn);
  • better to use metallized capacitors or, in extreme cases, electrolytic, soldered with diodes;
  • Electrolytic capacitors must be installed in any case.In case of failure, they explode and scatter in different directions.

If you need a circuit connection of three-phase electric motor to 220V, you can download them for free on the site of the manufacturer of modern equipment - Offer Service (at the end of the page).