I do not want to work , what to do?

I do not want to work , what to do?

Alas, in our world of a mad rhythm, many of us spend most of their time at work.And not for nothing, sooner or later almost everyone thought arises "A live where?" It is a logical question, the answer to which is haunted by the huge number of people, but most of them still makes itself once again take up the usual thing, seeing no other wayfor existence.In this article we will try to answer the question most people: "I do not want to work, what to do?"

I do not want to work all my life!

Perhaps each of us at least once in their life arose this internal protest.Of course, it seems that all your precious existence on this earth will be held for the operation of the process, rather sad.Immediately it seems that all the interesting life, emotions, feelings and joy pass by, and you're sitting behind some tedious job and you can not "get out of the matrix."Well, in situations like this, you must first make at least some effort to afford to live without working the remaining length of life.

For example, in an effort to break free from the routine can bring himself to work for some time, and even harder to earn a certain amount of money.Their you will be able to invest in the development of their own business, which will generate income.Given that you do not want to work harder, the business can be given to the management of colleagues or family members who have not yet burdened with a syndrome of "I want to live and work."If they prove to be more practical than you, then you can just get a particular part of the income and enjoy life.Suddenly profit will awaken in you the excitement and the desire to act?

accumulated specific amount, you can also live on rent.Think of the past century and idle dukes and barons, who did not do anything and just get a percentage of their property.

If you do not have the patience or the capacity to delay the necessary capital, then either you have to find very good people that will keep you or get into more debt.Think hard: maybe take a vacation for a few days and then begin to work, people?

I do not want to work in the summer

Yes, the summer wants to work unless fanatical workaholic.When all the "normal people" rest on the beaches and on the streets is exhausting heat, can hardly be expected from himself sincere impulses to work in the workplace.Naturally, everyone there is a rebellion like "I want the money, but do not want to work in the summer!"

There should be a carefully pre-negotiate with the boss your vacation (paid), or just every year to look for a new job in September.Taking into account the last version from freelancers has significant advantages.Remote work usually involves some schedule flexibility, so you make sense to revise the terms of its operating activities.

If fate has endowed you with understanding the environment and family, you can ask them to be patient and help you rest from work during the summer months.Moreover, both in material terms and in moral.Surely such support will respond to you with a feeling of gratitude, and soon you will feel a surge of strength to continue.

And finally.Do not forget that from the favorite things people get tired much less and get real satisfaction from it.Therefore, if you constantly have an idea, "I do not want to work more," maybe you should not rely on fate and give up everything in an instant.You can try to start to change jobs and activity that is closer to you in spirit.

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