How to connect the engine to the 380 ?

How to connect the engine to the 380 ?

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How to connect the engine to the 380?

Sometimes in the economy, especially in the garage, high power motor is required.Typically, such engines operate at a voltage of 380 volts.In everyday life connect this engine is difficult, because in private homes is no such tension.But the option to connect a three-phase motor to AC 220 volts there.For this it is necessary to use oil capacitors.

Firstly, it must be said that all 3-phase motors are divided according to the process connection on the two groups joined by delta and wye.

purely visual difference between them is that in the former case, there are three in the motor connection terminals in the second six.On the label also indicates the type of connection, marked with special signs.The characteristics of engines with a star are much quieter, but their power is lower when connected to single-phase (about 50% of the nominal value).Engines connected triangular scheme, more powerful (up to 70%), but they work louder


How to connect the motor 380 to 220 volts

The first step is to determine the capacitors.In this connection they used two kinds:

  • launchers;
  • workers.

first will be required only to start the engine.When you set the required speed, they are excluded from the mains.If it does not, something will happen high bias current in the two windings of the motor.Consequences - the engine just burned.

main job will be to carry out run capacitors.To the electric motor to work long and effectively, it is necessary to take into account three basic wiring rules:

  1. All working capacitors are connected only in parallel with each other.
  2. Their total capacity is determined by the ratio: 100 Watt motor power accounted for 7 uF (microfarads) of the capacitor.
  3. Rated voltage of each - not less than 300 volts.

Attention!Starting capacitor should be three times more than workers.

Wiring diagram:

  1. Please connect capacitors.These terminals, as mentioned above, are connected in parallel.
  2. bunch of capacitors connected to the engine and the two wires to the AC network.
  3. turns on the engine, is checked whether the direction he turns into that.If not, then you just need to swap the connection of wires to the coil.