Why do people work ?

Why do people work ?

good lie on the stove and eat cakes!But this is possible only in a fairy tale.In real life, these rolls have to earn.However, work is necessary not only to the people.They produce their own food and build shelter (house!), Even the animals.And pets have so-called work: cat catch mice, dogs guard the house.But for a person's work - it is not just a way of earning a living.The work - it is also the possibility of self-affirmation and self-expression.An example is the work of volunteers.And more people work, so as not to deteriorate as a person to develop and communicate.That's why people work!

The main reasons for

earn money to spend on their needs.Happy is the man who, to this end does what he likes.But there are exceptions.For example, hazardous or harmful production, the people who ply robbery and fraud.These exceptions are explained by a number of reasons - the inability to find another job, the moral (or immoral!) Position, some of the benefits of the hated work, etc.

Have the ability for c

reative, intellectual, emotional and self-craft..Why do people work hard, even if the work does not bring much income?Because so people can climb the corporate ladder or get satisfaction from the fruits of their labor.Free volunteer work - is an emotional self-realization, getting moral satisfaction.

not degrade.Why do not people want to work, dreaming of a pension, and went out to her, continue to work?Why, for a long time sitting in the decree, young moms tend to quickly go to work?Because the monotony and routine household plunges into despair.A man detached from life, getting bogged down in the everyday details.However, this is not the main reason.Degrade can and working people.The main thing is that continuing to work, people feel socially popular.That is useful and meaningful to society.A man - a social animal, without it feeling it to some extent loses its dignity.

So think about what would happen if a person refuses to work for the benefit of themselves and others?Society is survive.And the man himself?And although the work is not a wolf in the forest will not escape, the man without it would not be able to live a full life.

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