Why do want to work ?

Why do want to work ?

Every day many people need to go to work.Work - a word often associated with something negative, rather than positive.So why people do not want to work?If we compare life with a puzzle, it is not always correct life-formed picture.Quite the contrary: the fate or our own feet do not we will wear to the address.Somehow it happens that people do not take their job - spend time on it, and sometimes a lifetime.

There is another reason why people do not want to work - blurry, fuzzy set task.When a person does not know in which direction to move him - quite difficult to make it work.Only a detailed explanation may help bring back the able-bodied man in the state.Sometimes laziness and protracted holidays may discourage work.Getting in a similar situation involving the temporary absence of the desire to work, or just boredom of work, people begin to fantasize on the topic. "Dream profession"It turns out that the most desirable are: work in a bank, the FSB and the flight attendant profession.Strange, is no

t it?Why do want to work in these areas?

All the power of money

If you ask yourself - why I want to work in a bank?The first answer, surely, is: "Because there is good money."Such vulgar stereotype exists on bank earnings.Except the employees of the bank no one knows exactly these exorbitant sums.But wanting to work in the bank does not care.Here it is the first and most important part of the work-dream - material.Money and financial stability is strong enough to stimulate the occupants.

The FSB-Schnick go

Responding to a question about why I want to work in the FSB - is based not only on the material component.Work in the Federal Security Service for many - this adventure-adventure novel.Stereotype?Certainly, but it is - a dream job, so the fantasy element is the place to be.Romance, extreme, excessive secrecy - three components that can help to answer the question - why people want to work.None of the "dreamers" does not think that the addition of exciting adventures, the work of the FSB, too, is a "gray everyday life," blood, human faults and other unpleasant moments.And still dream that one day the FSB - a series of James Bond, and not the usual routine.

The sky seek not only aircraft

Most often, asking the question, why you want to work flight attendant - you can get the answer: "See the world ... romance ... a lot of money ... the new country."One can endlessly enumerate ephemeral and streamlined enough reason, desires that arise in man, dreaming of flight attendant profession.Romance and money - keywords and push to the choice of this work.The feeling of freedom, which is associated with the endless sky and the dizzying flight, also entices people to the flight attendant profession.

What is the reason

Why I do not want to work?Not always a person can be completely honest with himself.In answering this question, there is a lot of "pests" (Head, a new employee), which will become "suddenly guilty."And the reasons are often trivial - monotony, boredom, low wages, a sense of "not his place," laziness.Once the man got sick to work at his usual place, and that's when there are fantasies about the dream.Adventure - this is the "medicine" that need to be taken at the first symptoms of this "disease."Not everyone can work in a bank, the FSB or the sky.It is important to find a fascinating occupation, and not become a victim of stereotypes.The crisis in the case of an absolutely everyone - it is not necessary to be afraid of.It's just a reason to try their hand at something new and interesting.