How to strike ?

How to strike ?

Ability "otpinat" enemy of the body protruding parts can often save the man his money, honor, health and life.The ability to stand in the battle with minimal losses depends on the ability to defend and dodge, and the opportunity to intelligently attack the opponent and will spend less on the bandages with green paint, and get out of the fight victorious.So, we explain how to strike with the least damage to himself and with the highest - for the opponent.

All situations that could happen to you in battle, you can not see.Be prepared for the fact that you and your opponent will act spontaneously, reflexively, as well strike without practical training, you can not.But the basic principles of the fight is worth considering in advance.

Remember blow can and should be applied in any position, as your body - is itself a weapon.Never interrupt the movement, it is better to change the direction and force of impact.

main blows

a header

need to beat his forehead, the place where the line of hair grow

th begins.This is the most rugged area that contains the least blood vessels.Beat can be ahead in the rotational motion, as well as back in the face of the enemy.Beat in sensitive areas: nose, eyes, temple, chin and Adam's apple.You can use the header to the solar plexus with a running start, but keep in mind the danger of injury.

punches and kicks

When punch can punch, edge of his hand, when kicking - knee, heel, foot (but take a favorable stance that the enemy is not caught you for beating leg).

  • straight punch.Squeeze your fingers down his fist and swiftly brought forward his right hand.After impact, pull the left hand back to once again become a position of attack.Shot Power should fall on the middle phalanx of the index finger and the base.
  • Punch below.The same direct hit, but the elbow of a beating hand need to bring down.The left hand is necessary to pull back, and the right to make a sharp emission upwards.
  • Blow top hand.Initial position - left arm bent in front of the body, while the right is listed so that your fist is to the ear.Elbow brought forward and fist unfolds base to the opponent.To strike need to rapidly straighten out and strike the fist base top.
  • Side punch.If you're wondering how to strike hard, then you should learn the technique, but only after you have mastered punch below as side impact need to make the right elbow.The force of the impact when the impact is made on the opponent through rapid release of the elbow up and away.The main burden falls on the shoulder girdle.After hitting his right hand immediately deduce the shock left position.
  • Blow top edge of his hand.To do this you need to put a palm strike correctly.Fingers squeeze together, the first phalanx of the bend and strain.Take a position on top of a similar impact.Take your elbow shock hands forward, forearm expand outward, and then straighten your arm sharply.Blow best to apply the edge of his hand on the neck.
  • Blow base of the palm.Take the brush shock hands back.Keep fingers half-bent, tighten your hand.The movement is made the same as for direct punches.
  • twisted punch.This attack is similar to punch above, but in the end, expand the forearm inwards.Apply a blow with the back of the fist, the power should fall on the base of middle and index fingers.This action is appropriate if you want to strike the first blow.If, however, the enemy had gone on strike, make the same in the case, for example, in the solar plexus.
  • elbow.Elbows should be applied from the bottom arm bent at the elbow.Elbow in this case, moving from bottom to top, and the fingers into a fist szhivaetsya.Sidewinder elbow passes motion on the outer arc.
  • Kicking up.The blow is applied to the toe of the foot to the groin of the enemy.Pull the sock and abruptly straighten the hip.The body is better to lean back, to defend against a counterattack.
  • Kicking side.The blow is applied to the waist or below the knee.To blow bend the leg at the knee and shall carry it forward.Strike with the knee, hands, protect the body.Make a U-turn on the supporting leg and apply a blow to the body of the enemy.