Factors of growth of labor productivity

Factors of growth of labor productivity

Productivity - characteristic of the workflow, which can be defined with a certain dynamics in a given period of time, ie, when there are several indicators that characterize productivity for several months or even better years...

In order to ensure that all the conditions for successful and efficient operation of the market for any company, be aware of the main factors of productivity.This is the sum of all the objective and subjective circumstances that are or may be potential conditions for changes in the level of collective efficiency.

competition and division of labor

author of the most famous and most just determining productivity - renowned scientist, founder of the economy, Adam Smith believed that the welfare of society as a whole depends on the growth of this indicator.And the most effective way is to increase its specialization and division of labor as in the Italian manufactories of the 14th century.However, you must divide the work in direct proportion to the development and expans

ion of the market: the more competition, the more necessary narrow specialists.In connection with this, by the way, and there was a famous idea that for the adequate development and expansion of any market you need to give up the monopoly, any of the privileges and other methods of market manipulation.Let us know what the factors of productivity growth.And from what they depend on.

main factors of growth in labor productivity

management 21st century tells us that productivity factors are:

  • manufacturing productivity factors.Their importance can not be overestimated, as they are quality, level of development and utilization of various investments and tangible assets of the company.Indicators are directly linked with the constant introduction of innovative technologies, the automation and mechanization of labor, the introduction of advanced technologies, the purchase and use of high quality materials.But in practice it is difficult to accurately calculate the growth of production achieved solely by increasing these funds.
  • Social factors of labor productivity growth.This category includes the composition, quality of employees, ie their skills, good working conditions, the attitude of experts to perform the duties and so on.Among the most important factors named are considered the composition and level of training of specialists, because in reality rarely happens that all team members are equally laid at the workplace: usually one works harder than that is laid, and the other less.However, current methods can not be taken into account in the calculation of labor productivity.The efficiency of personnel specifically taken depends on his abilities, age, education, experience, health and other reasons.Every leader strives to find just that the employee whose productivity is above average.The task of HR managers - highlight of job applicants at the interview stage.Talking about the system of social factors, it should be noted the importance of the investment of public funds in the social sphere: in the first place of education and health.The level of training depends initial theoretical readiness of young specialists to work, but on the level of health - good health in the first place, the working population.The labor productivity of a person to fully affect the whole complex of social and economic living conditions.This is a healthy diet, high standards, the availability of different products, excellent state services, this list of utility services, able to provide yourself and your family everything you need - all of them allow you to quickly return the performance of a person affect the optimism and liveability.
  • Organizational productivity growth factors.These figures relate only to the things that surround the employees at the workplace.This whole process of organization of labor and management, and system management principle.Also important is another term - "the organization of labor and management," which refers to the size and location of the plant, firm, company, the management style of direct supervisor and top management as a whole.A special place is occupied by the factors that determine the internal relationships in the community and affect the discipline specialists.In this case, plays a big role the concept of "corporate culture" or, as some scholars, "organizational culture", through which all professionals are instilled the same system of values, common principles for cooperation between departments and corporate behavior of employees within the organization and in the external environment.Feel involved in a particular company that gives its employees excellent benefits package, excellent relationships with colleagues and management, raises interesting challenges and encourages them to perform excellent - one of the strongest motivations for an employee in today's world.