How to cheat GLONASS ?

How to cheat GLONASS ?

main objective of GLONASS in the monitoring of transport is the reduction of fuel and optimization of logistic schemes expenditure.However, the greatest savings vehicle owner does not receive fuel through a kind of "optimization", and due to the fact that monitoring makes it possible to monitor and suppress fuel plum "leftists".The response of drivers reaction to it - the desire to outwit GLONASS.In this article we will talk about how to cheat GLONASS and possible to do so.

Cheating GLONASS

Attempts of this fraud are, in essence, the following:

  • to hide the movement of transport;
  • to hide draining fuel.

In the first case, you need to work on navigation equipment, in the second - on the fuel counters.

Cheating navigation equipment

order to block the transmission of information on the movement of transport, drivers come up with various ways to fool GPS GLONASS.There are ways quite barbaric - damage equipment and more advanced, with the use of additional equipment.

  • Corruption GLONASS ant
    enna.Drivers can damage the cable insulation puncture needle and severing postings.But it is easy to diagnose, and can be sanctioned for wrecking.Some, all, just cut the cable, then pleading, that the cable is frayed or torn.But such methods are completely useless in such terminals that receive signals and without antenna.
  • shielding antenna GLONASS.Her attempt to escape the metal, turning in a sheet of foil.Try also violate the reception signal by using a magnet.But these attempts have usually failed.
  • Attempts to influence the GSM-antenna are absolutely useless.The terminal still continues to collect information about the movement.Operators also identify a car that stopped to signal, and carry out inspections.Once the connection is restored, the route information is transmitted to the destination.
  • Screening GLONASS terminal metal sheets completely useless exercise.Antenna cable is not damaged.
  • disable the on-board power supply terminal.Drivers believe that this will allow them to rid themselves of all the problems with navigation.The terminal is still checked and returned to the system.Additionally, the terminals may be equipped with its own accumulators and will continue to record the path for the next several hours after a power outage.
  • Damage or removal of SIM-card.Advanced drivers understand that once the machine is moving message transmitted over the GSM-channel, then the terminal has a SIM-card, and if it is to pull out or damaged, the signal will not be transmitted.But some information about the movement will continue to accumulate, and then restore the connection will be transferred to the address.
  • Jammers GPS GLONASS.Perhaps the most intelligent way to deceive the GLONASS system.He sends a message to the dispatch center that the satellite signal is lost.But if the signal is lost often on the same machine, it is, of course, will cause suspicion.And then such jammers can block the same frequency, and, if dvusistemny terminal must have two.

Cheating Counter Fuel

fuel counters are of three types:

  • flow,
  • ultrasound,
  • submerged.

Flow winter created a lot of problems for drivers, so use mostly submerged and ultrasonic meters.Their task is to evaluate the amount of fuel in the tank.

  • Cheating ultrasonic meter.Install them under the tank, and they are recorded by ultrasound fuel level.Disable it possible electric shock.But it immediately detected.Think of a more sophisticated method.On the counter body is attached magnet.Tension increases in the counter, and as a result it shows unreliable information - lowering and increasing the level of fuel during movement.Owner of transport loses confidence in the testimony of the counter and opened the way for fraud.
  • Cheating immersion counter.They look like a tube vertically mounted inside the tank.He is very reliable and determines the level of fuel very precisely.Such a counter current is resistant to impacts and is not afraid of water.Try drivers watered it with hot water in the cold, but that he does not lose its functionality.Therefore, the only way how to cheat GLONASS and disrupt the counter, but not to damage his health - it is inside the tank tube bend.Do it the drivers through the neck with a metal bar.