How to train strike?

How to train strike?

The question is not so rare - how to train strike - is interested not only those involved in martial arts, but also to many other people.Most of the tools of self-defense often give a false illusion of security.Unlike gas spray, electric shock, or traumatic weapons themselves can not be forgotten at home.

This problem should be considered in conjunction with several positions.

  • The first of them is working out techniques.If you ask the wrong direction, or slightly bend the brush, it is possible and to get injured.To prevent this, you need to fully compress fist and wrist to keep as a continuation of the forearm - on the same line with him.
  • to suit specialized training boxing bag, but if not, do not despair - just fix the house on the wall of a thick stack of papers and "workplace" is ready.Height is selected on the basis of what it will be tested technology.Beginners should perform direct blows aimed at his head and body.Strongly do not beat you need, as long as the hands are used to load.Afte
    r adapting joints and ligaments, can increase the frequency and velocity.
  • Besides proper technique is necessary to know how to train the force of impact.Here, in addition to "pack" need more and exercise.Those muscles that perform most of the work at the time of ejection of the hands is best to download via push-ups: you will need only half.

There are three approaches, though, you can do more if you wish.

  1. first exercise carried out so that the hands are as close as possible to the housing: Press the max.If you are a beginner, you should not experiment with a rack with fists or dumbbells - enough open palm.
  2. on vacation a couple of minutes, and then proceed to the second approach - emphasis widest and low speed.Do not forget about the quality of performance - looking forward and the chin at the bottom should touch the floor.The slower you move at this stage, the greater the load on the muscles, and hence effectiveness.
  3. third exercise - maximum number of push-ups fast, put his hands around, at the solar plexus.