To beat a man ?

To beat a man ?

In life there are situations where knowledge of the basics of self-defense can save a person's life.Alas, not all of us possess the martial arts and do not know how to behave during an attack, especially when threatened by a stronger opponent.To learn how to properly and where it is necessary to beat the man to take him out of "order" in the case of a fight, and will be discussed below.

Where beaten before the fight

When not experienced in fights person gets into a street brawl, it is unlikely that he will have time to remember some advanced techniques, even if he knows it theoretically.It is only in action movies effectively applied "lever arms across his forearm" or "blow your finger in the hypoglossal nerve."In reality, however, is much more complicated, and if you're not a hero of an action movie, you have to know where to beat the man to permanently deprive him of his activity.

vulnerable points on the human body

worth remembering that strikes at the most vulnerable points of the human

body - is unacceptable, and even vile, receptions in most martial arts.However, the fight - it is a critical situation, and here, as they say, all methods are good.Of course you have to understand that the enemy - not a dummy, he would be opposing, impeding us to the task of getting sore spots.Thus, the most vulnerable spots on the body:

  • groin.Beat "below the belt" long disarms men.It is so painful that even in the most violent fights men do not hit each other in the groin.Men's solidarity is commendable, but it is worth it to forget about solving the question about where best to beat the enemy, that he was gone for a long time hunting "run down".
  • solar plexus.Beat at this point is called the hit "below the belt".If you can cause a sharp and powerful blow to the swing bottom in the solar plexus - it is permanently neutralize the attacker.
  • patella.A blow to the patella - very painful.No wonder it is often used employees of law enforcement bodies, before human twist.However, you should be well-placed kick, or neutralize the enemy will not work, but angering him even more - completely.
  • eyes.Beat the eyes best fingers spread "goat".This blow simply do not, because, as a rule, the opponent has time to dismiss the head.However, if you get - then it will temporarily blind (do not be afraid to knock the eye - it needs a professional force of impact, and the human eye and the apple quite elastic).
  • throat.A blow to the throat is particularly effective if the opponent is much bigger than you.The beat should be sharply aim to kodyka but not fist (so difficult to get), and bent "in half" in the finger joints.
  • nose, temple, neck, chin - it is the most vulnerable point in the head.For those who want to know where to strike at the fight - it is important information.The blow to the chin can knock the attacker to the ground, his nose - a very painful accept blows, but the blow to the temple and all can send in a knockout.

As the beat to "knock out" the person

all those who want to know how to beat him, to "knock out" a person should keep in mind that if you are not a trained fighter, the "knock out" someone you are unlikely to succeed.Having no experience in the first place, it is difficult to get to the desired point, and secondly, you can break your fingers (not having delivered a blow), thirdly, to cause very serious injury to the enemy must be ready not only physically, but also mentally.Therefore, to hold such a blow that would guarantee "turn off" a person can only units.In sports, there are the following areas for knocking out enemy:

  • groin.
  • liver (right side of the navel).
  • solar plexus.
  • Heart.
  • Temple.

How to beat the opponent psychologically

to in the fight to defeat a strong opponent, you must be a step up from his spiritual (emotional) and attack his weak points, driving to a standstill.For example, take with humor to demonstrate the superiority of the physical (but not mock attacker), not to show his fear, and in response to threats to say what he did not expect.This can bring down the enemy confused, and you can buy time, that fight is important.

Of course, if in front of you there is a question of life and death - it is necessary to defend themselves with all means available.But if there is any opportunity to get away from a fight, or to resolve the conflict, with the least possible blood - it is necessary to take advantage of it.