Why do not you like Jews ?

Why do not you like Jews ?

In today's world there are many questions to which there is no simple answer, and problems whose solution requires a lot of time and effort.These include the problem of anti-Semitism, that is, national intolerance of many people to the Jews.Our today's article we would like to devote to the question of why Jews do not like.The material that will be presented to your attention, does not constitute an inducement to ethnic strife and genocide.All that we want to achieve - it's just a little question to reveal the different nations dislike for Jews to understand its causes.The article is exploratory in nature, and is written for all those interested in this issue.

From time immemorial

So why do not like Jews?The Jewish people, since ancient Egyptian times, constantly resisted persecuted by various nations.According to some, the religion of Judaism, whose adherents are Jews, completely exhausted itself.The basis for the beliefs of Judaism is the Talmud, the Torah (Old Testament), the New Testament

Jews do not recognize, including its religious heresy.The Apostle Paul wrote in his epistles that the teachings of Moses (Old Testament), after the coming of Christ has no meaning.The New Testament tells of the events after the birth of Jesus Christ, respectively, and about himself.But the Jewish people believed that Jesus Christ, whom Christians believe all the Son of God and Savior, no more than a sectarian God traitor and heretic.Jews flatly deny the sanctity of Jesus Christ and the New Testament, and this cause, to put it mildly, hostile towards themselves Christians feel.All who believe in Jesus Christ, the Jews do not like it for that.

Furthermore, the Bible says that it is the Jewish people were to blame for the fact that the crucified Jesus Christ.The Jews did not believe that Christ - the true Son of God, and thanks to them and they crucified him under the pressure of the Sanhedrin.This biblical story is also the cause of religious anti-Semitism.

Hitler and the Jewish people

Adolf Hitler - a person who was also known for its fierce hatred of the Jews.Why did Hitler did not like Jews?

According to one source, the beginning of his hatred of the Jewish people was the fateful meeting with a prostitute, a Jew, which is "awarded" the Fuhrer syphilis than he apparently was so angry and agitated that even devoted several pages of description of the disease in his famous book"Mein Kampf".

Other sources report that Hitler really irritated the Jewish concept of God.He believed that the 10 commandments that are so dear to Jews, completely kill and rob people of normal life.The best solution to this problem, Hitler believed the extermination of the entire Jewish people, and thus the destruction of the idea of ​​one God and united morality.It is also known that a small percentage of Jews living in Germany, but all these people were smart and well-known in different spheres - science, medicine, the arts, business and politics.This fact was left to Hitler.

Why does not like the Jews are now

Rarely have relatives, learning that the son or daughter meets a Jew or a Jew, would welcome that.Dislike for the Jewish people is still ongoing.

Why Russian Jews do not like?The source of one of the media reports that the Russian is considered the most important qualities of the Jewish nation avarice and cunning that is not held in high esteem in Russian.But as shown by some studies, the majority of Russian are much more tolerant towards the Jews than for Caucasians, Muslims, Africans and Arabs.

Why does not like the Jews now?The Jews claim that they - the chosen people, who must carry the wisdom, kindness and eternal values ​​in humanity.They are strong and stubborn in their point of view.Many atheists and followers of different faiths do not like it.Some believe that all people are equal, and therefore put yourself above the rest - it is a big mistake of the Jews.Others who want to live to the fullest, is not happy to see about themselves messengers of God who are always associated with a belief in God and remind us of it.

Nevertheless, Jews - people are smart and talented.Many of them have achieved great results in many fields, ranging from science and finishing business.People do not like it.Some also claim that Jews were unseemly and harmful activity - were money changers, bankers, moneylenders, - that is profiting from other people's needs.Some claim that the Jews meddled in politics as in his (decomposed economy), and in foreign (eg, financed the enemies of Russia and major revolution in Russia).Finally, another reason, according to some - is the hostility of the Jews toward other peoples and states.

reasons to dislike and hatred towards the Jewish nation are many, and each person has their own.Once again, we note that we do not in any way encourage you to ethnic strife, and how to treat the Jewish nation - it is your own business.Remember that all people are different, whatever they may be a nation, and therefore relate to this or that person does not need to in terms of its national identity, and in terms of human - to assess his character, behavior, and relationships with other people.It is possible to find both good and bad people in every nation.