How to cook sturgeon ?

How to cook sturgeon ?

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How to cook sturgeon?

Sturgeon - one of the most delicious and healthy fish.If you happen to get a whole sturgeon, do not rush to cut it into pieces.There are different recipes for how to cook sturgeon whole, and not in the oven, but in this furnace, which, as you know, much tastier.I will share with you recipes and baked stuffed sturgeon.These recipes were invented wonderful cooks previous years, so if you follow the instructions exactly, you get a really tasty fish.

How to cook sturgeon - baked sturgeon

This is one of the most delicious recipes - such sturgeon can sample not in every restaurant, but prepare yourself - easily.The fish must be carefully and properly gutted and washed, then lightly sprinkle with salt inside and good rub with salt inside.We are waiting for 5 minutes and then wash with cold water sturgeon, then a little wipe with a towel and leave to dry.Then you need to add salt sturgeon again inside, and add a bit of spice and black pepper.Then, the f

ish should be lightly sprinkled with lemon juice and grease sunflower (or any vegetable) oil.At this preparatory stage is completed.Now take the form of sturgeon, the most suitable size, laid in her two layers of foil and grease the foil well with vegetable oil.Next sturgeon laid into prepared pan, pour dry white wine, seal the foil and put in the form of a preheated oven for 5 minutes.Five minutes later, we obtain the form, open the foil and grease again sturgeon vegetable oil (this time not too heavily).Again, we put the fish into the oven and bake it up to full readiness.Then we obtain the form, carefully pull out the sturgeon and put it on some beautiful serving dishes - for example, on a large platter.Garnish with mint leaves can sturgeon, fresh parsley and thin slices of lemon.Also note that the fish should be served with juice, formed when frying.

How to cook a whole sturgeon

course, stuffed fish have to taste is not for everyone, but the case of the sturgeon - an exceptional, because this fish is considered to be one of the best.In order to make a stuffed sturgeon, first you need to prepare the ground for the fill.Spread on a dish of boiled potatoes, carrots and greens.Then prepare the jelly and pour them vegetables and herbs, and then remove the dish with the filling in the refrigerator 30 minutes Prepare the jelly is very simple: you need to cook the broth over low heat for half an hour.Once it boiled down to 1 liter, strain it and cool slightly, remove excess fat.That's just a filler and need to pour the prepared vegetables, and then put into the refrigerator.Now prepare the stuffing for sturgeon.Cut the onion into small cubes, rub on a coarse grater carrots, salt and put the stew vegetables.Next in salted water boil the potatoes, then mash it, add a raw egg, a little flour and finely chopped green onions.We also need to slice and dill.Note that mixed potatoes, fennel and carrots and onions can not - we must have three distinct layers.Now we proceed to cutting the sturgeon.Clear the fish from the inside, wash it well and season with salt inside.Now we lay the stuffing inside the layers and sturgeon and to sew up the belly (you can do this with a special culinary thread).Then put the fish into the oven and bake (better to put it on the baking sheet for a more uniform baking, but it is possible and in a special form).Bake sturgeon need 45 minutes, then remove the pan, let cool and put the fish on the plate with the prepared vegetables in aspic.You can also decorate the sturgeon red currants, olives and even put sour cream.