What if I hit ?

What if I hit ?

made to solve all the problems and conflicts verbally in a civilized society.Fight and sort things out with their fists - the inheritance of the past.Moreover, you can not beat the children, especially strangers.A real man will never raise a hand to the woman.

However, not everyone follows these rules.What to do if you hit, how to respond to aggression?

first step is to assess the balance of forces.If the one who hit you more clearly, giving the date he should not.And provoke the next blow - too.It is best to leave in silence, leaving room for later.

What to do if hit

husband say anything, looking intently into his eyes.Then, quietly, but confidently leave the room, slamming the door.Do not talk to her husband as long as he does not repent of their deeds.This behavior is more efficient than tears, cries and accusations "how could you".The husband should feel a sense of guilt, especially if it happens for the first time.

If the husband hit you after you first climbed into a fight - take it e

asy and do not keep it evil.Sometimes men do not know what to do and are afraid of female aggression and tantrums so that they lose control of himself and raised his hand.Talk to your husband, talk, what was the reason for such behavior.

If the husband beats you regularly, or for no reason - run from it, do not believe the promises of reform.As a rule, this is not treated.If you do not want to walk with bruises - apply for divorce.Forget about how tender and gentle he once was - that you will not return.Pity also their future or present children.

What to do if a child is hit

beat her child or not - you decide for yourself.Although it beat, of course, it is impossible - it is a slap and spanking.But what if your child hit the wrong people?

Do not rush to get angry, will be examined in the first situation.Maybe your child did someone hurt, first hit the other person.In this case, you should apologize for the child's actions, ask in the future not to raise his hand on him and leave quickly, leading to a child.

If the child was hit unfairly, hard and sharp, explain that the repetition of such a situation, you will take serious steps, and then quietly retire and calm baby.Do not shout, threaten or waving his arms.Solid voice or serious and long look straight into the eyes of the offender is able to do more.

If the child hit the teacher in the kindergarten or school teacher immediately contact their superiors, describe the situation in detail.Teachers do not have the right to raise a hand to children under any circumstances.

Remember - stand up for yourself - not to strike back.Stay calm, try not to worry and not to cry (of course, if you are in real danger).Do not let the victim - cold-blooded, self-confidence and straight hard look will help you.