How to cook saury ?

How to cook saury ?

To be healthy, you need to eat right.Compose your menu correctly, and be sure to turn to fish.For example, saury.She has few bones and a lot of essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and calcium.How to cook the fish, what recipes there - everything is what we will talk today.

What do saury

From this fish family mackerel make notorious all canned.What can you make out of saury, you ask.In different national cuisines there are plenty of recipes.But most of all dishes from this fish in the Japanese and Korean cuisine.It can be fried, stewed and boiled saury.Also, it can be steamed, baked or stuffed done.Besides saury can marinate and make it a filler.And, of course, because this fish can make fish soup or soup.Very tasty obtained saury baked in foil.Cooked this way, this fish is much more useful.But grilled saury should not be abused because it is difficult to digest, there are harmful substances and carcinogens accumulate.Therefore it is best saury oven, cook, and

combine with vegetables and herbs.And here is another useful advice on cooking saury: do not add too many sauces and spices, otherwise you pereb'ete delicate taste of the fish.

Cooking fresh fish

And now let's look at how to prepare fresh saury.First, you need to make a brine.To do this, you need to take a liter of water, salt, four tablespoons of sugar and two spoons.More add two spoons of vinegar, three bay leaves and three peas and two allspice.Add all this to the water and boil.When cool, add the vinegar.All this we will pour the fish.How to cook saury?Take a kilo of fish, clean it, and then take out the entrails and cut each fish for three hours.Now, we put in a jar, pour the brine, so that he was on top of the fish by one centimeter.Give Sayre brew day, then your fish is ready.

sauce Saira "pizzaiolo┬╗

Here's another recipe saury.This recipe is a traditional Neapolitan way of cooking blue fish species.

So, before you saury, how to cook it?More will need 150 grams of the pulp of a tomato, two sprigs of parsley, a little olive oil, a teaspoon of oregano and salt to taste.Getting cooking: eviscerated fish, cut off all the heads and rinse under running water.Each carcass should be cut in half.Chop the garlic and parsley.Garlic fry until golden brown, and then add the parsley and tomato pulp.Mix everything and put in the pieces of fish sauce.Now you can sprinkle with oregano and salt.

Simmer the fish takes about twenty minutes on low heat, for all the time you need to turn the fish once.

Bon appetit!