How to cook chicken with potatoes ?

How to cook chicken with potatoes ?

Be patient, it's hard enough to read recipes to the end, drools and already want to run to the kitchen to start cooking.Today we will discuss how to prepare chicken with potatoes.Two versions of favorite dishes: braised potatoes with chicken (on the fragrant broth) and chicken with potatoes in the oven (with cream).

Baked chicken with potatoes

Cook potatoes stewed chicken is not difficult, but the time to stock up on all the same it is necessary.

  • for cooking stewed chicken with potatoes, we need: chicken breast (500 grams), eight potatoes (number You can vary at the discretion), onions and carrots medium size 1-2 stuff each pepper, butter (30 grams), mayonnaise - three tablespoons of herbs.To extinguish need soup, meat or vegetable, to your taste.
  • chicken For the marinade: soy sauce (about 4 tablespoons), spices (curry, rosemary, ginger, marjoram well combined with chicken).

From dishes is better to choose a high utyatnitsu or saucepan.If not, you can take the high thick-walled pan or pot (


Getting cooking.

  1. Chicken breast wash and dry.Remove the bone, turned to fillet (you can just buy a fillet).Cut into small pieces.Rub the pieces with spices, pour the soy sauce, mix well and leave to marinade hour or 1.5-2.
  2. Potatoes peel and cut not very finely diced.Onions finely cut, and grate the carrots (medium or large).
  3. In utyatnitsu heat the vegetable oil and fry the onion and carrot.A little secret: add to the onion half a teaspoon of sugar, it will give a special flavor and color of fried, and the dish will get a special flair.
  4. on top of the onions put marinated chicken pieces.To salt is not necessarily (soy sauce quite salty).On top of the hen lay out the potatoes, then mayonnaise, butter (just a piece), pour all the broth.Broth should not hide the potato, to the upper layer it should be 1.5-2 centimeters.
  5. After boiling, the fire switch to low and simmer until tender.Ready potatoes you know the taste and appearance.The chicken can be checked by cutting a piece.It should be white, pink should not be allocated juice.
  6. Serve cooked potatoes with chicken stew, sprinkled with parsley and dill.

tasty to cook chicken with potatoes and can be in the oven.Go to the next recipe.

Baked chicken with potatoes in cream

  • For this dish, we need a mean chicken breast (fillet);4-5 potatoes (about the same size);Of 20% cream (150-200 ml);lemon half (you will need the juice) and one onion;two cloves of garlic and cheese - 150 grams of vegetable oil, salt and spices (see above spices, the most suitable for the chicken).

Utensils: a form that is suitable for baking, with a fairly high walls.

proceed to cook mouth-watering dishes.

  1. Potatoes purify and cut thin platelets (circles).Onions finely cut into cubes, garlic, peel and clove each cut into 4 slices (in length).
  2. whole breast divided into two halves, remove the bones.Chicken fillet with salt and pepper and rub with spices and do in each half to 4 cut, lard fillets prepared slices of garlic.Hen put into a form that greased with vegetable oil, though saturated with the aroma of spices.
  3. to the chicken in the form of add chopped onion (above, around, can be in the "pocket" fillet).Pour cream on top - lemon juice.
  4. further around the breast in cream dip slices of potatoes.You can add salt and pepper as desired.
  5. all, you can send in a preheated 200 degree oven until.Bake 40 minutes If the form has a cover, it is possible to cover the chicken with potatoes.Cooking times are around, because the oven at all different, especially if it is a gas oven.
  6. While chicken with baked potatoes, grate the cheese into small grater.
  7. After 40 minutes to get the chicken and sprinkle generously with grated cheese.Send in the oven, but without a lid, if you've closed.Bake for 5-7 minutes, until the crust of beautiful melted cheese.

All delicious cooked chicken with potatoes on your table.Sprinkle with herbs and eat.