Which conditioner is best?

Which conditioner is best?

air conditioning - a necessity rather than a luxury.Especially if you live in the center of the city, where every summer the house becomes like a steam room, and in the window at any time of the year to penetrate the exhaust fumes from cars and factories.

Manufacturers of air conditioners

If producers divided into classes according to the quality of assembly, it topped the list, as a rule, Japanese companies - the elite include Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Toshiba.Prices of air conditioners elite group fluctuate around $ 1000 and above

For the elite class should be an average: Hitachi, Panasonic, Hyundai, General Climate, Kentatsu, Electra, McQuay, Sanyo, Sharp.It is air-conditioned with a good price / quality ratio and a sufficiently high reliability at a price from $ 500 to $ 1,000.In conditioners of these firms a low noise level and a high level of functionality.

Rounding cost companies - Samsung, LG, Ballu, Haier.In the price range $ 300- $ 500 is equipment with high functionality, but wi

th a significant percentage of the factory marriage - about 1%.As a rule, there are no serious structural solutions for the protection of the working mechanisms and electronics, but with proper installation and maintenance of air conditioners perfectly cope with their functions.


conditioners Split systems - the most common type.The system consists of two parts: internal and external, connected communications.Outside - the noisiest unit, mounted on the facade of the building, inside - in the room.The disadvantages include the complexity of the installation.The advantages - quiet, economical operation and the flow of fresh air.

Split systems are of the following types:

  • Wall - design and design execution is very diverse, which makes it possible to take into account the interior and the desire.The outdoor unit is installed under a window, and the inner - not far from the window.The power of these air conditioners is limited, control is done by remote control.This type of air conditioners is durable, reliable, silent, has an affordable price.
  • Channel can serve multiple premises, have a hidden camera, but for these air conditioners need additional ventilation and suspended ceilings.This air conditioner consists of the indoor and outdoor units, the outer wall of the building is attached to or installed on the eaves, roof, balcony.
  • Ceiling air conditioners are installed directly under the ceiling, the outdoor unit is located outside, air is supplied from above, uniformly cooling the space, these models are lightweight.
  • Columned conditioners have more power, but it is too cumbersome.Use in restaurants halls, conference rooms, in the hotel lobby.Strong flow reflected from the ceiling, and then evenly distributed throughout the room.
  • Cassette conditioners are secretive, embedded in the ceiling, the air is supplied in 4 directions, resulting in heating and cooling is fast.There are compact and powerful model.
  • multi split systems - this climatic equipment, in which a single outdoor unit connects several internal, each room is individually air-conditioned, the installation saves space, electricity.Temperature control is carried out of each room individually.
  • Window air conditioners - a single candy bar (external and internal unit are in the same unit), which can be installed in the window opening blocks or thin walls.This is the most economical and simplest type of air conditioner can be installed yourself.In summer, you can set in the country, and in winter take in a city apartment.
  • Mobile air conditioners - the most simple to install climate devices that can be installed without the help of experts, they are put on the floor, the hose is displayed in the window.On the downside is the lack of air flow - air conditioning simply banishes himself through the air inside the room, but modern models learned to clean the air of harmful impurities and give it freshness effect with ionizers.However, it is noisy and has a high cost.


apartments to install air conditioning in the apartment, it is necessary to determine the place of its installation.This will determine the type and size of the air conditioner.Most air conditioners for small-sized apartments - a split-system air-conditioners.An air conditioner cooled the air in several rooms.However, this system is expensive and complex installation of the air conditioner ..

If the apartment has a large room, the question arises how conditioner to choose in this case?In these apartments is better to use a cassette, ducted air conditioning or tower.When choosing a conditioner such apartments you must pay attention to the cooling capacity, which reaches up to 20 watts.Such devices have successfully maintained a comfortable microclimate in the apartment.

If housing is removed, then the air conditioner install some without extra investments?Mobile air conditioners in this case it is best.They are easy to transport, easy to operate, their installation is not expensive.Floor air conditioners are best for medium-sized rooms.This air conditioning quickly cooled air in the room, keeping it a certain time, and the installation is inexpensive, takes little time and set one-time fee.

When decided what to buy air conditioner, be sure to pay attention to the warranty and service.This technique, working at full power, often breaks down, then you have to spend money on troubleshooting.Therefore it is better to choose those manufacturers who offer a guarantee on the air conditioning and service, if necessary.

When choosing a conditioner for the apartments, a cottage is necessary to pay attention to the following:

  • bedroom air conditioner is to be silent in order not to interfere with recreational,
  • in children's air conditioning needs to be air distribution must be such that there are no drafts,
  • air conditioning in the kitchen should be installed with a high capacity,
  • if the apartment windows overlooking the sunny side, it is necessary to establish a powerful air conditioning as well as the room will be heated rapidly.

conditioners for large spaces

For large: production, storage facilities require powerful air conditioning.On the question of which is better for the air conditioning of buildings, as well as offices, a café, the answer may be - column split systems.In these areas there is often no main walls, the ceiling, it is impossible to establish a different type of air conditioner.These models of air conditioners in addition to quality and performance have the aesthetic appearance, the size of a large refrigerator.

Universal Air Conditioner

Can I buy a universal air conditioners for homes, offices and other industrial buildings?What is good for the air conditioning of the premises?So universal is the channel conditioner split system.This equipment is installed in a suspended ceiling, hiding an external unit, for special ducts, which are behind the ceiling, fresh air is supplied.This air conditioning system provides fresh, cooled air several rooms, classrooms without affecting the interior.