How to cook meat with mushrooms ?

How to cook meat with mushrooms ?

tasty to cook the meat - a task that must be solved perfectly every woman, if she is expecting guests or preparing a family dinner.Recipes cooking delicious meat very much, and among them a well-deserved reputation enjoyed meat recipe in French, as well as meat cooked with potatoes and mushrooms in pots.To learn how to cook the meat with mushrooms, today we'll talk.

meat with potatoes and mushrooms

To prepare the meat is based on 6 people, you must:

  • 800 gr.meat (you can take the pork or beef, chicken);
  • 12 potatoes;
  • 800 gr.mushrooms, which can be replaced with porcini mushrooms;
  • 3 pieces.onions and carrots;
  • a few cloves of garlic (if you like the smell of garlic in the dishes, then take 8 pcs.);
  • 200 g of cheese;
  • greens and mayonnaise;
  • 6 tablespoons of butter and vegetable oil for frying;
  • black pepper and salt to taste;
  • 600 g of broth;

This product composition is designed so that you will prepare a dish in the pot, 800 ml in volume.


  • Cut fresh meat into small pieces,
    fry it in a pan with very hot oil until golden crust.
  • Remove the oil from the pan, leave it on the plate and on the same pan (do not merge the remaining oil from the frying pan) fried mushrooms, pre-cut into small pieces.
  • After roasting mushrooms, remove them, and lay out in the pan fries.It must be cleaned and cut into cubes or or plates.When potatoes frying, the frying pan is necessary to add vegetable oil, or the potatoes will be dryish.
  • After the mushrooms, potatoes, meat, cook in a frying pan you have managed, on it is fried grated on a coarse grater carrots and diced onions.
  • Prepare ceramic pots to ensure that they send in a preheated 180 degree oven.All fried foods spread layers: the first layer - meat, salted and peppered, the second layer - onions and carrots, sprinkle with chopped garlic, third layer - potatoes, salted and peppered and sprinkled with herbs.The penultimate layer - mushrooms, we salt, they spread a tablespoon of butter and pour 100 grams of broth.If you do not have stock, we can do with plain water.The last layer - grated cheese and mayonnaise.

Cooking time - about 40 minutes.After pull the pots out of the oven, serve it in 15 minutes, pre-sprinkle fresh herbs contents of the pot.

meat with mushrooms in French

To cook the meat with mushrooms, a recipe which is not very complicated, it is necessary to take 1.5 kg of pork a jar of canned mushrooms, 3 onions and 400 g of mayonnaise, salt to taste and pepper, as well as2 tbsp.l.sunflower oil and 250 g of cheese.

To the meat in French with mushrooms was delicious, portions chopped meat is necessary to fight off (the meat is cut for meat medallions or chops).To taste salt and pepper the meat, spread it on the baking sheet, slightly oiled.Onions clean and cut into half rings, fry it in a frying pan until transparent with vegetable oil.Fungi obtain from banks and cut into small pieces.It is advisable to leave the mushrooms for a while in a colander to them with glass excess fluid.Then mushrooms vygladyvaem on each piece of meat, put on top of fried onions.

Three cheese on a coarse grater, sprinkle them meat with mushrooms and onions over cheese lubricates mayonnaise.Baking put in a preheated 180 degree oven.Suffice it to 50 minutes to your guests proceeded to the tasting of this delicious meat.

meat with mushrooms

If preparing meat in French, in the recipe pickled mushrooms, we used, for the preparation of almost classic recipe meat with mushrooms, you must use fresh mushrooms.At 0.5 kg of veal need to take the same amount of fresh mushrooms, one onion and one carrot, 200 g sour cream, roasting take butter and not vegetable, salt and pepper - to taste.

Clean and wash mushrooms, cut them in small flat slices.After washing, the meat should be dry with a paper towel and cut into cubes.Wipe the meat carefully so that it does not remain liquid, otherwise the dish will lose its flavor.Fry the meat until half wedges in butter.It is advisable to use deep roasting pan.After roasting the meat to brown crust should appear.Remove it from the pan.

cut into thin half-rings pre-peeled onions.Julienne cut peeled carrots.In the pan where you fried the meat, put a little oil, fry the onion and carrot, then remove them from the frying pan - it is we need to fry mushrooms.Mushrooms fry in fairly high heat, to have as much as possible to evaporate the liquid faster.In this recipe, you can cook the meat in the oven with mushrooms, but you can on the cooking surface.If you do not want to mess with an oven, then put all the ingredients into the pan fried, salt them and pepper, add cream and simmer for about 20 minutes over moderate heat.