What is better for the receiver Tricolor ?

What is better for the receiver Tricolor ?

Satellite receiver or tuner - a device receiving the signal received via satellite and convector.It is the receiver's signal is processed and converted for viewing on your TV.

To be more precise, the signal that arrives at the receiver directly with the convector adapts to the rapid transmission of the TV.Well, in the case of toll operators receiver also gives you access to view private channels - simply decodes the encrypted channels.Separate functional feature of the device - channel management.Their switch is not via television, namely through the receiver.That is, to watch satellite TV on your TV you must enable TV AV special channel, and channel change will take place in the receiver.

Which is better for the receiver Tricolor: Select the parameters

In satellite TV, there are common channels and channel packages.As a result, all satellite operators - whether Tricolor-TV Raduga TV and NTV-Plus is recommended to use for signal reception and access to their packages only "native" receivers.

That is, you want to connect to the Tricolor - purchase of a satellite receiver.He adopted from just under the statement.However, there is one unpleasant nuance: Receivers are sewn exclusively by your operator, and thus connect them to another operator to reconfigure the antenna and the receiver is not possible.

However, it is the "mother" the receiver can easily solve the problem with the settings, access cards and other issues.

But if you still have the desire to look several operators, or set to one receiver signal reception from two or more satellites, it is better to buy an "independent" channels.

So, the market offers a few options for devices.Which receiver is better?Tricolor TV can translirvoatsya with a few of them:

Receiver GS-8306B / S

This latest receiver for viewing Tricolor in Full HD.It supports broadcast standards such as DVB-S2 (HD) and DVB-S.The device has a sleek design, as well as all the necessary functions to access the necessary channels Tricolor.However, additional functions of the device to say nothing.If your goal is simply to "turn and look" - it just for you.

Receiver Openbox S1

best budget model, according to experts.It includes a wide range of functionality.For example, you can browse multiple operators, placing the access card and module.There are all the necessary functions for easy viewing of satellite TV.However, the model and the lack of available - there is no support of DVB-S2 (HD).

device receiver Openbox S9 HD PVR

This model combines a wide range of features that will make viewing of satellite TV into a real pleasure.Signal receiver supports DVB-T2 standard, is built on a 750GB hard drive, supports about five physical drives, and it's not all his dignity.So the question of which is better hd receiver Tricolor, you can safely answer - Openbox S9 HD PVR.