What rate do I have?

What rate do I have?

All mobile operators apply tariff system, under which subscribers pay for certain services.For information about the connected tariff plan can be found in several ways.It depends on the region in which the services are provided.In this article we will answer the question that you ask is quite common, "What is the rate on my phone?ยป

Megafon Megafon has branches across the country.

  • If you are a subscriber of the Central branch, then find out your tariff plan can be that way.You must dial the phone keypad combination * 105 * 2 * 0 #.After that, press the call key.
  • If you are a user of the Ural branch of Megafon, then find out your tariff plan, connected to a mobile phone, will be as follows.It is necessary to dial * 225 # and then the call button.
  • users Megaphone services in the Volga branch, to find out information on their tariff plan, it should be that way.It is necessary to type a mobile phone set of numbers and symbols * 160 # and press the Call button.
  • If you are served in the Siberian
    branch of Megafon, then find their tariff option, you can.You must dial request * 105 * 1 * 3 #.After that, press the call message.
  • As for MegaFon subscribers in the Caucasus branch, to recognize the tariff plan that is connected to your cell phone, it should be that way.It is necessary to type the command on the keyboard * 105 * 1 * 1 #.After that - a challenge.
  • When you type any combination of numbers and characters in order to find out your tariff plan, you need to make sure that the mobile phone is in range.
  • There is another way to find out what tariff Megafon.You can use the Internet Assistant services.First of all, it is necessary to register.Then, in a ten-digit format, enter your phone number as login and the resulting activation password.You get to Service Management page.Here, you pay attention to the upper right corner or to the center.There will be information on the tariff plan of your mobile phone.
  • Such information you can provide and support staff, Megafon.0500 dials the number, it is free.The operator learns your passport data or code word and call tariff plan that is connected to your mobile phone.


  • If you are a mobile user Beeline, find out which tariff is connected to your phone by typing the following set of numbers and characters * 110 * 05 #.After this button is pressed the call.In response, you receive a message SMS, with information about the rate, the region and the connection date.
  • Learn what options are currently connected to the mobile phone, it is possible by the combination * 110 * 09 #.
  • There is another way to learn Beeline tariff plan for your mobile phone.It should dial combination of 0674, press the call button, then select the desired profile with the help of keyboard buttons.Their names read out the answering machine.When he would talk about the tariff plan, choose a number, which he would call.In response comes a message SMS, with information on the tariff plan, which is connected to your phone.
  • next way - it is a call to the call - center of mobile operator Beeline.Number of his 0611. The operator will be happy to answer any questions related to the options and rates.From it for a minute, you will receive a response.
  • can still use this method.Contact the operator Beeline service point in your locality, it is best to go where the mobile phone login or purchase a SIM card.The manager checks the information on the tariff plan at a special database.To do this, you'll have to call him her phone number.


If you know your data plan, you can easily optimize their spending on mobile communication of MTS.This can be done by comparing the cost of MMS, voice, SMS, and even some services your plan and others.If you have forgotten its name, it is not necessary to be upset.Do not rush in search of the package from the start package, which includes your plan.There are special services provided by the operator, which will help to do this and in this article you will read how to find out what tariff MTS is connected to your phone.

  • In order to obtain information on the tariff name by which your phone number is serviced and at the same time get information about what additional services are available, you need a mobile call to a contact center, its number 0890. Listen to the information that will be pronouncedvoice mail as long as you hear you are interested in the menu section.Choose it.
  • In order to move to tariffs, services, connectivity, press 1. Then pressed 0 for an operator.Respond MTS employee, you can see the name of your fare.
  • If you are interested in only the name of the tariff plan, which is connected to your cell phone, you can send a USSD request with your phone.To do this, you need to dial the following combination * 111 * 59 #, then press the call button.Appears on the screen, it will include your tariff plan.
  • Learn the name of the service scheme, and save the data in the phone memory, you can, using the service SMS-Assistant.To do this, you need to send a message SMS, which contains the number 6 to number 111. You will receive, within a few seconds, a response message with information about the tariff plan of your phone.
  • If after sending the SMS - message or query on the display instead of the words some obscure characters, then you need to change the language setting for the display of information.This will normally read the answers received.


It happens quite often, so that we begin to think that our tariff plan is irrelevant.Confusing advertising from competitors operators.So you need to check the benefits of various options for your tariff.And it needs to know what tariffs Tele2 most relevant and which plan you have connected.

To find information for your phone, do the following:

  • on a mobile phone using the keypad to dial a combination of numbers and symbols * 108 #.Then press call.In return you will receive an SMS with information on the tariff.
  • You can use the call to the number 630, and the operator will give you information about your tariff plan that is connected to the phone.

Cellular operators are trying to attract more and more customers, so regularly updating tariffs, services and options.To understand this is difficult.There is a special online service, it is called Tarifer.It helps to choose the best tariff plan for major operators.The service analyzes the list of your calls and calculated how much it would be given to you when using other tariffs for the same services.On the basis of this and selected the most favorable rate, taking into account the options most appropriate to you.

Now you know how to find out which tariff is connected to a mobile phone.This information will help you not only to keep abreast of their costs, but also learn how to save money by choosing the best vygodnyae tariff plans.