What kind of hood choose?

What kind of hood choose?

for repairs in the kitchen, people often wonder what kind of hood choose?They are classified as follows:

  1. «flat» - suspended hood, mounted under an overhead locker for kitchen utensils or, if not, over the stove.A number of producers in the hoods have grease filters.In such extracts, usually acrylic fabric, they are disposable.Hanging hoods have low-power motors and working in recycle mode.For this mode of operation you require carbon filters.They retain small particles and well neutralize odors.This class extracts is the cheapest.
  2. Recessed hoods are installed in a hanging cabinet above the stove, often have a drawer.The panel will increase the absorption of the combustion products of the area, thus facilitating control of the device.When nominating panel, hood switched mode, in which it is turned off.This is a truly compact design, advanced in the technical sense, when compared to the "flat" extracts.Recessed hoods are usually equipped with one engine, and there are models with two motors.This
    increases productivity.In addition, the multi-layer aluminum filters installed in embedded extracts.
  3. Dome hood mounted on a wall or on the ceiling above the stove.They have a fireplace form, it can still be dome.This class is divided into several types: metal, metallic glass, possibly with a wooden frame.Dome hood has a varied design, also they can have several forms, sizes and colors.

In general, the issue of how the hood is better to choose the type of drawing often affect the final decision.

How to calculate

performance in "productivity" life is called "power," but these concepts still need to be distinguished.Performance provides information about how many cubic meters of air your hood recycles per hour.Remember, one hour air on sanitary standards must change in a typical kitchen of not less than 10 or even 12 times.

S (kitchen area in square meters) to be multiplied by H (height of the ceiling value) and multiplied by 12. 12 - a rate of SES (air exchange per hour).Then multiply by 1.3 (this is a minimum safety factor of 30%).

minimum reserve ratio required to account for the number of storeys of the building, the level of contamination of the ventilation shaft, and its size.Dimensions, which include bends and the total distance between the hood and vozduhotvoda ventilation.

Mathematically area is calculated as follows: let's imagine that your kitchen area is 10 square meters and ceiling height is 3 meters.Then, 10 sq. M.X 3 X 12 X 1.3 = 468 m. Cu. / Hr.

468 cubic meters / hour -.. That's a perfect result, which should show your range hood in terms of performance.But it is better to choose an extract even higher power, and use it gently.This seriously reduces the noise level and extends the life of the device.

filters for exhaust hoods

usually equipped with the following types of filters:

  • grease filter.These filters are able to clear the air of most of the suspended particles.Among them, oil or gas combustion.These disposable They may be made of synthetic, reusable foil made of aluminum or mesh.Most of the hoods equipped with aluminum grease filters.Aluminum grease filters have several layers, each of which consists of a perforated material.The holes in the aluminum sheets are made so as to provide a better air permeability conditions and thus with a minimum of noise.These filters work throughout the entire period of operation of the device and must be regularly cleaned in a solution of warm water and a mild detergent, or can use the dishwasher.When you wash the filters in the car, do not forget to place the filter in a vertical position.This prevents solid food remnants to score a hole filters.
  • Charcoal Filter, which is a one-time, delay fines and, though slightly, but neutralize the smell.These filters need to be purchased separately.When using the carbon filter frequency of filter change always depends on how often you use the hood.Manufacturers usually recommend that extracts change carbon filters every four months.Only the records of all the important parameters and conditions will help answer the question of how to choose a hood.


Another, very important parameter - the "noise."Permissible noise levels in extracts of good quality at a very high speed is equal to 62 dB.Please note that this regime is extreme.It is used in the most extreme cases, such as the burning of the food in the oven.Operating modes of the device - the first and second speed.In an extreme case, to answer the question of how to choose an embedded hood will help consultants appliance store.